If you had to associate only one word with Scott LaRue, that word would be `hockey'. He excelled as a player in his younger days, but he also promoted hockey as a coach, manager, team owner and corporate sponsor. The same athletic abilities that made him effective on the ice served him well as a keen fastball player, and as a scratch golfer who still holds the course record of 30 for nine holes at Blairhampton. As a Rotarian, Scotty was an enthusiastic participant in a wide range of club activities and projects. Scott LaRue was born in Toronto in 1944, where his parents had moved to work in a small arms factory. When the war ended they returned to their hometown of Haliburton. Hockey had a major impact on Scott's early life. He left Haliburton after Grade 7 to play hockey in Kitchener, since there was no local artificial ice. He played Junior hockey in Peterborough, Seaforth, Woodbridge and Weston; Junior A in Whitby, and at age 20 he spent one season in St. Gervais Les Bains in the French Alps. Returning to Haliburton, he married Emily and was hired to manage the new arena for its first year. He then bought into his father's school bus business, LaRue Bus Lines Ltd. Later he acquired a Ford/Mercury dealership, Larue Motor Sales Ltd. Subsequently he returned to managing the bus line, later selling his interest and working in automotive sales. Joining Rotary on November 14, 1968, he wore the president's chain for 1974-75. It was a time of high enthusiasm in the Haliburton club. Scotty recalls involvement in many successful fundraising events, including Festacolour, the summer carnival, the Rotary auction, millionaires night, Snowarama, Christmas tree sales, and the winter carnival. The club sponsored children's Hallowe'en and Christmas parties, Christmas food baskets, and a local tennis club. The 400 per-cent plateau was reached for the Rotary Foundation, and the club won the district attendance trophy in Scotty's year. A total of $15,000 was pledged to the Five Counties Children's Centre, funds were donated to the Haliburton and Monmouth figure skating clubs and to minor baseball, Rotary's contribution to the high school scholarship fund was increased, and - a major task - the club funded publication of updated and enlarged edition of Ron Curry's book Haliburton County 1874-1974 to mark the county's centennial. For all his work on behalf of Rotary, Scotty received the Fred Jones Rotarian of the Year award in 1983-84. Scott Larue left Haliburton Rotary in 1991, but he says he looks back with pride on all the projects that benefited the community. He has many fond memories of Rotarians Ron Curry, Jack Robertson and Frank Maclntyre; the early steak and lobster nights, the weight loss lottery between Joe Iles (26.5 lbs) and Art Ward (24.5 lbs), the president's spring picnic, and attending the Rotary International Convention in Montreal. His involvement in other aspects of community life has been lengthy and varied. Scotty and his father Albert (Ab) owned and operated the Haliburton Huskies Jr. D hockey club from 1965-72. The team won the Ontario championship in 1970-71. He managed the OHA Junior C Huskies, and managed and coached many other minor hockey and baseball teams. He was a member of the Haliburton Volunteer Fire Department for five years, and was a school board trustee for a time until he purchased the school bus company in 1978. He has also been chairman of the Dysart Community Centres Board. In his spare time he enjoys curling, snowmobiling, fishing, and cottage life at Kennisis Lake. Scott and his wife Emily reside in Haliburton and have four children: Chantal , Tran, Noelle and Danielle.