No project undertaken under the banner of Rotary International has had more impact on the world than Polio Plus. The ambitious goal is to immunize every per-son the world and thus eradicate the crippling and frequently fatal disease that still plagues the populations of many Third World countries. To accomplish that noble end, Rotary International called on clubs throughout the world to earmark funds for the Polio Plus campaign. During Rick Elstone's year as president the Haliburton club responded generously to that request, exploring yet another avenue of international service. Rick Elstone was born in Haliburton in 1942, and has been a lifetime resident of the community. He has spent most of his working life in the construction industry as a general contractor, but recently embarked on a new venture, a consumer beer brewing and wine making business. Rick has been a member of Haliburton Rotary for 19 years, and by June 30, 1993, had 10 years of perfect attendance. Rick cites the Polio Plus campaign as a highlight of his involvement in Rotary, but he also enjoyed the opportunity to travel to Mexico's Baja Peninsula on a fact-finding mission for world community service. In addition to his efforts on behalf of Rotary, Rick has been a member of the Haliburton Cross Country Ski organization, the Lake Kashagawigamog Tourist Association, and the Haliburton County Homebuilders Association. In his free time he enjoys cross country skiing, boating, hiking and travelling. He is married to Rhonda and they have two children: Karen and Reid.