When Peter Curry was asked to list his achievements outside of Rotary, he demurred. But the empty lines on the form that was used to help gather information for this publication do not mean Peter has absented himself from community life. He has offered his time and talents for the benefit of many community projects and organizations over the years. It seems he'd simply rather not be measured by or praised for past accomplishments. Peter Curry was born in Haliburton in 1945, the son of Ron and Maxine Curry. He grew up immersed in the Haliburton way of life, learning to love the landscape and the myriad of recreational opportunities it offers. Following high school he enrolled in Ryerson Polytechnical Institute in Toronto, studying business. He was in his third year of the programme when his father Ron called to offer him the chance to take over the day to day operations of Curry Motors Limited, the General Motors dealership that had been founded by his grandfather, W.R Curry, in 1924. Peter accepted the challenge and returned to Haliburton He managed Curry Motors until the early 1980's when he decided it was time for a complete change. He spent a year logging , and then began to sell real estate. Today he concentrates on the development business and management of his commercial real estate holdings in the community. Peter joined Haliburton Rotary on February 1, 1968, and remained a member until 1983. He assumed the presidency in 1975-76. The new tennis courts at Rotary beach were funded by Rotary and officially opened in 1975. Work continued on the club's involvement with the Five Counties Centre, but no additional major projects were underway at the time. In his spare time, Peter enjoys the outdoors, especially hunting, fishing and downhill skiing, as well as squash and camping. He is married to Jody and has two children: Kim and Kendra. He resides at East Bay on Drag Lake.