Every one of the 50 men who have served as president of the Haliburton Rotary Club has assumed that responsibility with dreams of doing something worthwhile, and every one of them has been able to look back with pride at the end of their term on something good and lasting. For Mike Easton, a glance back reveals a Peace Park at Head Lake Park to mark Canada's 125th anniversary. It also brings to mind the satisfaction and pleasure of hosting a Group Study Exchange team from Australia, placing Lynda Shadbolt of Bark Lake Leadership Camp on a District G.S.E. team that travelled to Australia; the importance of building bridges over parochialism by donating to the Hyland Crest Home tub fund; and most of all, to the satisfaction of reaching out to assist war-torn Bosnia and Croatia by gathering and transporting more than 400 bags of clothing for a Rotary co-ordinated relief project. Mike Easton was born in Haliburton in 1948. After graduating from Grade 13 at Haliburton Highlands Secondary School, he entered the grocery business full time, joining his father,Lance. In 1970 Mike moved to Norland to own and operate Norland Red & White. He returned to Haliburton in 1977. Over the years he has devoted himself to expanding and improving his grocery businesses in Haliburton and Minden, now known as Easton's valu-mart. When he became president in 1992, Mike shared with Peter Curry, Art Dawson, Brian Black, Paul Wilson, Kim Emmerson and Greg Bishop, the distinction of making club history by holding the office that was also held by his father. As well as his Rotary involvement, Mike is a member of the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 129 in Haliburton, and the King George V Lodge in Coboconk. Mike's interests outside of business include sports, travelling and computers. He has one daughter, Tanya, presently student at the University of Toronto.