Many things distinguish Dr. Harry Good as a Rotarian and a citizen. He has been unfailingly generous to worthy projects and causes in the 40 years since he has lived in Haliburton. He is respected for his dedication to his profession and admired by his patients. He took great pride in the challenges and accomplishments of his year as president of the Haliburton Rotary Club, and continues to hold Rotary ideals in high regard. And his attendance record is unmatched by any other Haliburton Rotarian - he hasn't missed a single Rotary meeting in more than 34 years. Harry Good was born on April 19, 1918 in Parham, Ontario, near Kingston and attended high school in Sydenham, Ontario.He joined the RCAF in 1941, serving as a pilot officer until 1945. Back in civvies, he headed for the University of Toronto, graduating in 1952 as a medical doctor. For a year he practiced in Bobcaygeon, and on July 3, 1953, he brought his skills to Haliburton. He joined Haliburton Rotary on October 3, 1957, and remains an active member today. He became president of the the club in 1970, the same year that his good friend and fellow Haliburton Rotarian Harold Herlihey served as District Governor. "My year as president of Haliburton Rotary was the pinnacle of my life" Dr. Good recalls. "From June 25th, 1970 when I was handed the gavel by Lance Easton after an unforgettable speech, until I handed the gavel to Murray Fearrey on June 24, 1971 at Deer Lodge, I lived by the Rotary pledge `Service Above Self' in spite of professional and business commitments." Among the highlights of Dr. Good's year was the clubs' $10,000 donation to the new hospital project. He matched the donation with $10,000 of his own money, and many other Rotarians also made personal contributions to the hospital. The club hosted the District 701 Conference in June, 1971 at Chateau Woodland under the chairmanship of Joe Iles. Dr. Good gave the president's address to the assembly, highlighting the Haliburton club's close connection with community projects. Arrangements were made with CN rail to obtain a surplus caboose to complement the historic locomotive. A special project brought French speaking students from LaSarre, Quebec to Haliburton for two weeks and sent local students back to LaSarre for another two weeks. Many friendships were established and much goodwill resulted from the exchange. It was the last year that a special colour tour train arrived in Haliburton for Rotary's Festicolour weekend, and the club pitched in to provide visitors with a pancake breakfast. In addition to his involvement in Rotary, Dr. Good is a member of the Masonic Lodge, a Shriner, a 40 year member of the Haliburton Legion, serves on the board of the Red Cross Society, and is a member of the Lung Association for Victoria/Haliburton. His personal interests include hunting ( he is a charter member of the Buck Lake Hunt Club), travelling, especially to Rotary International conferences with Rotary friends, and art collecting. He was named a Paul Harris fellow in 1986. Dr. Good and his wife Ruth have four children: Brian, Dennis, Michael and Norah. He continues to practice medicine in Haliburton.