With more than 42 years of Rotary behind him, first in Haliburton and later in Barrie, Harold Proctor has spent almost half his lifetime enjoying the opportunities for fellow-ship and service that membership affords. Today, in his late 80's, he still takes pride in his Rotary involvement. Harold Edward Proctor was born in Great Crosby, Liverpool, England in 1906. He attended school in Toronto, began to work at age 14, and later took night courses at the University of Toronto. He and his wife, Leo Vivian, moved to Haliburton in October,1945 , buying with a partner the Sir Sam Hughes property at Eagle Lake to start a summer tourist resort. The new owners moved into the main building and began work to convert the property into a business, Glen Eagle Lodge. The first step was to clear bush for a power line from Eagle Lake. The road to the property was improved and buildings were renovated. Mr. Proctor remembers getting to know the people of Eagle Lake and Haliburton, many of whom, he discovered, had connections with Rotarians. With their help, the new resort opened for business in the summer of 1946. Mr. Proctor spent the next two winters working on special projects in the aircraft industry. He was then enticed to accept a full time job with the deHavilland Aircraft Company for the next two years. When the assignment was completed he bought out his partner in the resort and returned to Haliburton to become a full time resident. He joined the Rotary Club of Haliburton on June 5, 1951 and served as club president in 1955-56. The club's annual budget at the time was $1500, an amount which Mr. Proctor says "left little room for new programs, but did allow us to continue ongoing projects, particularly with needy children, providing transportation to and from Toronto for special medical and hospital treatment." As well as serving in Rotary, Mr. Proctor was active in a number of local organizations during his years in the community. An interest in photography led him to spearhead the formation of a photography club. As president of the Haliburton Tourist Association, he promoted its involvement with the Ontario Chambers of Commerce organization, and when a Haliburton Chamber of Commerce was formed, he served for two years as its first president. He was a member of the Haliburton Curling Club, Patron of the Highland Chapter of the Order of the Eastern Star in 1954 and 1957, Past Master of Toronto Masonic Lodge, and a member of the Scottish Rite in Peterborough. "My special memories of Rotary centre on makeups" Mr. Proctor says."where the first object of Rotary, the development of acquaintance as an opportunity for service, really does exist." "It has been my good fortune to visit many clubs in the U.S.A, Canada, Hawaii, Great Britain and elsewhere, and everywhere the welcome mat has been out. These clubs follow the same high Rotary principles that I learned and remember from Haliburton, a top club that believed in service above self." The Proctors sold their interest in the Eagle Lake resort in 1965, with plans to retire in Barrie to be closer to family. Mr. Proctor left the Haliburton club in June, 1970, donating the club banner on his departure. He joined the Barrie Rotary Club that same year and remains a member.