When Greg Bishop accepted the chain of office and gavel from Kim Emmerson in June, 1991, he became the sixth son of a Rotary president to follow in his father's footsteps as the club's president. And like the five others who proceeded him, he proved more than worthy of the honour and the responsibility. Greg was born in Haliburton in 1958, the son of Curry and Aldyth Bishop. He attended the University of New Brunswick, graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering. Returning to Haliburton, he joined Bishop & Wilson Ltd., later obtaining his Ontario Land Surveyor designation and becoming a principal in the company. He joined Haliburton Rotary in 1981 and has been a dedicated Rotarian ever since, maintaining a record of perfect attendance from his induction to the present. Under his leadership as president, the club donated $5000 to the West Guilford Recreation Board to pay for lights at the community's ball diamond, and $5000 to upgrade and expand play equipment at Head Lake Park. A donation of $2,500 also was made to the Five Counties Children's Centre foundation to help fund the centre's ongoing operations. Subsequently the foundation presented the club with a picture of the Tree of Life in the centre's lobby, a leaf of which bears the club's name. Greg also successfully urged the club to adopt a no smoking rule at meetings, a timely change that has been widely appreciated. Throughout his years in Rotary, Greg has found particular enjoyment in social events such as steak and lobster nights and Christmas parties, as well as in attending district conferences. In his time away from business, Greg enjoys family life with his wife Sandra, son Christopher and daughter Mallory, as well as community service work (he is president of the Haliburton Community Housing Corporation), hunting, fishing, baseball and hockey.