Many educators have played a prominent role in Haliburton Rotary over the years, including the club's president in 1960-61, Frank Litt. Frank Litt was born in Hanover, Ontario in 1926. He completed a Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of Toronto in 1949 and began a career in teaching. Haliburton became his home in 1958 when he accepted the job of principal of the Haliburton County District High School. He joined Haliburton Rotary almost immediately, being inducted on September 25 of that year. Less than two years after attending his first meeting, Frank Litt assumed the mantle of the presidency from Ben Weese. It was an important year for the club in two highly visible ways. On Saturday, October 1, 1960, the Haliburton Legion band, and the Colborne Recreation Trumpet and Baton Corps led a parade from the community park , down main street and on to the high school, for the official dedication of the historic locomotive. The engine was donated by the C.N.R. and placed next to the high school playing field at a cost of $1,952, which included $827.57 for bringing it from Belleville to Haliburton. Haliburton Rotary agreed to assume ongoing maintenance costs, an obligation the club still meets today. A.R. Wilson, CN's Belleville superintendent, spoke on behalf of the railway. "Here she stands", he told the crowd assembled for the occasion, " a proud symbol of an era in which steam was queen of the rails. We hope the things she represents will stand as a constant reminder to ourselves and our children of the forces that turned Canada from an adolescent nation into an agricultural and industrial giant." The other major project completed in Frank Litt's year as president was the purchase, for $4,000, of the land which was subsequently developed into Sam Slick Park, with much of the work being completed by 1964. Frank Litt left Haliburton Rotary at the end of December, 1962 ,after accepting the post of principal of a secondary school in Kenora. He subsequently joined the Kenora Rotary Club, serving as its president in 1967-68. He was appointed to the District 555 Committee for International Student Exchange in 1976 and continued to serve until 1983. His daughter Allison was the first Kenora outbound Rotary Exchange student. Through contacts made on the committee, he visited Australia and in turn hosted visiting Australians. Frank Litt's other community activities included work on behalf of the C.N.I.B., local recreation committee, the Association for the Mentally Retarded, and the Headmaster's Association. In his spare time he enjoys hunting, fishing and bridge. His wife Evelyn died in 1985 and he is now married to Arlene. He has five children: Janice, Larry, Keith, Blair and Allison. Mr. Litt and his wife continue to reside in Kenora.