Asked why he moved to Haliburton in 1969 at age 25, David Gray jokes that he was seeking life in the fast lane. It's doubtful he found it - an abundance of peace and quiet seems more likely - but when it comes to Rotary, he's certainly had his share of adventures, some of which only those who were there will understand. Dave was born in Hamilton in 1944. He earned a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Toronto in 1966, and achieved his Chartered Accountant designation in 1969. In July of that year he moved north to join Gerry Dawson in an accounting practice, and on September 4, he was inducted into Haliburton Rotary. Dave served as president of the club in 1977-78. The club became officially incorporated that year. Major projects begun or completed during Dave's term in office included a $25,000 commitment to a new museum, payable by September 1, 1980; an $1800 contribution to the Five Counties Centre in Peterborough; $1300 to install lights at the Rotary Beach tennis courts; sponsorship of a Young Canada Works projects; and the purchase, for $500, of a portable food trailer for use at the summer carnival and other community events. A sad event during Dave's presidency was the death of Jack Robertson, long time treasurer of the Haliburton Rotary Club, shortly after the new curling club opened. Because Jack was an enthusiastic curler the club decided to hold a one day bonspiel for local service clubs in his memory, and the tradition has continued ever since. Dave skipped the team that won the spiel in its first year. Asked if he has any special memories of Rotary, Dave recalls attending two District conferences in one year - at Rouyn-Noranda, where Art Ward is reported to have gone swimming in a waterless pool - and at Sudbury, "flowers, the toga party, and Linda Beachli's 'wake "' Festacolour in the early 70's, the last time that a passenger train came to Haliburton, is also a special Rotary memory. And then there was the time, in 1978, when a fellow Rotarian forced Dave's wife Julie off the road and she crashed in the van which was the summer carnival draw prize. When not involved in these and other `fast lane' adventures that only Haliburton can provide, Dave enjoys family life with his wife Julie, daughter Larissa, and sons Ryhs and Bryn, as well as church, sports and travel. He was chairman of the fundraising committee for a major church addition, and is also an avid curler.