There are many ways to describe Art Ward, the Rotarian. He is the club's chief auctioneer, best-ever beef barbeque chef, and one of its readiest wits. He is also about as true blue in the political sense as anyone could be, an affiliation that makes him a ready target of the sergeant-a- arms around election time. In his professional life he is also a gracious and enthusiastic host of club functions and an effective champion of Haliburton's tourist industry. Art Ward was born in Arnprior, Ontario in 1937. He completed high school there before moving on to post secondary studies at Ryerson Polytechnical Institute in Toronto, from which he graduated with a diploma in Hotel Administration in 1959. A talented football player, he is the only Haliburton Rotarian ever to be on the roster of the Toronto Argonauts of the CFL, although an injury quickly brought his gridiron career to a close. He moved to Haliburton in June, 1967 to purchase and operate Wigamog Inn. Over the years the resort has expanded and improved, until today it is one of the county's top tourist facilities. Art joined Haliburton Rotary on November 7, 1968, and continues to be an active member. As president of the club in 1976-77 he spearheaded the community's first-ever winter carnival, starting a tradition that survived under club sponsorship through the late 1980's, when other events took its place. Art also created the famous beef barbeque at the summer carnival, and in the Haliburton Rotary tradition, the chef duties are his for life! The idea of a fund raising auction came to fruition under Art's leader-ship. It, too, has become an annual tradition, and his organizational and auctioneering skills combine to make it an ongoing success. Projects completed under Art's presidency included a $5,000 donation to the Five Counties Centre, and a $5,000 contribution to the Dysart arena renovation fund. Outside of his Rotary commitments, Art has been an active supporter and worker on behalf of the Progressive Conservative Party, a director of Ontario's Hostelry Institute, and of Resorts Ontario, and a member of the Albany Club. His other interests include tennis and golf. Art and his wife Joan continue to be involved in Wigamog Inn, although their children Chris, Kim and Lisa are taking an active part in its day to day operations and management.