Posted by Gordon Purdy

How many firsts are there in a month?  Most would respond, "Just one!"

But not the Rotary Club of Historic Folsom!  And it's not because our knowledge of the calendar is below par.  It's just we don't know when to stop having firsts.

In August, the slow time of the year for many, we met our first inbound Rotary Youth Exchange student . Gabriel Raffoul from Brazilia, Brazil . at the Sacramento airport and welcomed him to our family for the next year. Gabriel's smiling face has been present at every meeting since his arrival. Make sure you help him feel at home!


A few days later we sent our first outbound RYE student . Russell Lewis . off on a 44 hour trip to Brazil. I'm sure we'll be getting regular progress reports from Carolyn as Russell's year abroad gathers momentum.


Our club is proud of its first Group Study Exchange team leader. Ken Rolff will be leading the team to Austria next year. Team member applications are due September 10th.


On the first Thursday in August, we had our first member auction . a program sponsored by our Vocational Service committee, in which volunteering members are auctioned to the highest bidder to render a minimum of 2.5 hours of "legal, ethical and moral" services, usually, but not necessarily, related to the member's business or profession. The first two members sold by "auctioneer" Myriam Liberman were Mike Blank, Vocational Service Director and Justin Waller, Club Secretary. They were sold to first time buyers, Audrey Cook and Jim Pelley. Proceeds can go to our club our to our foundation . the buyer's choice!


We continue to see a healthy flow of new and returning guests, many expressing interest in the possibility of becoming new members of our club. September is our membership month, so keep up the good work of inviting people to come and experience the uniqueness of the Rotary Club of Historic Folsom!


Have a great month! Savor every moment of it! Do something you're good at! Make it a great month for those you care about! You'll be amazed at how many firsts there will be for you in September if you do.