Posted by Jim Pelley

The Folsom's Finest Fundraiser May 19th & 20th netted nearly $4,000.00 toward Play for All.  Thank you to everyone who helped out. 


Have you sold all your car raffle tickets?  I hope so; we pulled the winning ticket July 13th at the AQUA Event in Folsom. 

Every ticket we sell between now and then falls to the very bottom line, and makes building the PLAYFORALL Kids Park a reality.


June 15th we be hosted the 3rd Annual Lockdown Golf Tournament at Empire Ranch, along with Folsom Kiwanis & the hometown brew of choice Lockdown.


June 21st , was our club's first "Steak, Eggs & Alcohol" Breakfast.  I understand Tony and Vinny's kitchen crew are cooking up a few surprises.  This will be our last breakfast of the Rotary Year.


Wednesday, June 27th will be my official "Demotion" Celebration at Karen's Bakery and Night Club, or in this case.well I don't know, since they haven't let me attend any of the planning meetings.  Prepaid reservations are required, and the cost for visiting Rotarians, spouses and guests is $25.00.  See Debbie or Gary for details.


Lastly, but not leastly, a club Bell Ringer Award goes to Lola Purdy for her fantastic efforts on developing TWO Foundations--our club's 501c3 foundation HFRF and Rotary International's Foundation.


This will be my final President's letter; Gordon takes the helm July 1st.  Good luck Gordon, you'll need it.