The Gateway - Rotary Club of Gravenhurst

We, in the Rotary Club of Gravenhurst, are delighted to welcome to one of our past meetings students who attended one of our wonderful Adventure programs.
In these two photos are:  left to right;   Chris McNeice, Jordan Fantuz, Dylan Hachmer     and in the other photo is Holly Smith
Chris went on a 5 day Ottawa adventure with other students from various Rotary Clubs in our area.  His comments were that it certainly opened his eyes to technology in schools, in the workplace and in life.  It was a great opportunity to connect with other students and share a common interest in technology today and into the future.
Jordan, Dylan and Holly all went on an Adventure in History in Kingston.  They all came away with new outlooks and information on subjects such a learning how to change young offenders vs sending them to jail.  The youth judicial system was explained to them both the way it was and the way it is today; encouraging (in their words) deep intellectual conversations.  Jordan commented that because of this experience she is now seriously considering becoming a lawyer. 
Our Rotary club is committed to continue to offer such great “Adventures” for our students.   The bonus for us is to hear in their own words the impact it has made on them and some of their future goals.