The Gateway - Rotary Club of Gravenhurst

We had the pleasure of getting an update from our exchange student Guilia on November 28th at our last Rotary meeting.   She gave us a presentation on some of her adventures to date and also shed a little light on where she lives.   Her home is in Northern Italia in Brescia which is not far from Lake Como - playground for George Clooney.   Guilia enjoys skiing which is handy as the Alps are not too far away from her.   She has already done some travelling having participated in an earlier exchange which she said really helped her prepare for this year long exchange.  Her family enjoys travelling so she has always had the travel bug.  Since arriving in Canada she has really enjoyed getting to know the other exchange students.   She has also been to Niagara Falls a couple of times and she states so far that is her favourite place in Canada.   Guilia is a wonderful young lady and has once again shown us how wonderful the exchange program.  She brings a wonderful energy to our Club and she speaks English very well too.  She was recently helping us out at the Rotary Auction last weekend.