Providing Identity to People In Jakarta
RC Jakarta Sentral has continued to work with HIV clinics. We helped with personal protective equipment and general fund raising. It was quite successful as many international organizations and a few governments were providing funds as COVID relief. The staff at the clinics have done an amazing job working in these difficult and at times dangerous times.
RC Jakarta Sentral was asked by a small gay and trans run group, Suara Kita (Our Voice), working with transgender women if we can support them. They are providing food support to around 75 elderly transgender women in and around Jakarta and also helping get ID cards for these and others in the trans community. The community has really had a difficult time during the pandemic as many have never registered for ID cards and their sources of income ceased as we went into lockdown.
The funds will be used to assist transgender women to obtain essential Indonesian identity documents.  Many have lived without these for many years and as a result are unable to exercise their rights as citizens of Indonesia. The documents include KTP (identity document) BPJS (national health insurance coverage) and in processing name changes in court.   So far Suara Kita has helped 600 trans women get cards, a great achievement.  With a current ID card, they can access government support, including healthcare, housing. and other social support.