Whether you're just visiting or you live in Lake Placid and would like to visit with us as a guest, please email rotarylakeplacid@gmail.com and we'll contact you.  Our meetings are held weekly at the Hampton Inn and Suites, 801 Mirror Lake Drive, Lake Placid NY.  Meetings are each Thursday at 7:20am unless a special event or meeting is planned.
Email us http://rotarylakeplacid@gmail.com         Visit our website:  https://portal.clubrunner.ca/1980
Home Page Stories
We welcomed Kelly Metzgar, Exec. Director of the North Country General Alliance to discuss the very current and sensitive issue of gender identity.   Education and information, presented in a factual way, was presented as being key to dispel myths, improve understanding and create safe environments for individuals who are facing difficulties in the areas of acceptance and dealing with life's challenges in general.  There are daily stories in the media presenting situations that are formidable and at times, tragic.
Kelly related details of her personal struggles and the focused work that she and her organization does in the North Country to help the LGBTQ+ community cope with the pressures and obstacles faced in trying to be productive and positive in daily living.  For more information on the Alliance, visit their website at https://adkncga.org/
Our Changeover Dinner was held on a cool early summer evening at the new Cambria Hotel in Lake Placid.  Besides enjoying entertainment provided by a magician and a delicious dinner, the new slate of officers and directors was sworn in for the 2024 - 2025 Rotary Year.   Two very prestigious awards were made.  Cali Brooks, President & CEO of the Adirondack Foundation, received the "Service Above Self" award for the many volunteer community activities she is involved with beyond her day-to-day job.  The winner of our "Eagle Award" for Rotarian of the Year was presented to John Huttlinger, a charter member of our club, who has served for several years as Club Treasurer.  Congratulations to our award winners and to the Board for their dedication to keep our club a viable presence in the North Elba / Lake Placid community.  Please click "read more" for some pictures.
The first two weeks of summer bring the horse shows back to Lake Placid where the equestrians and their horses display their skills and spectators and participants alike enjoy the scenery around the show grounds.  Once again our club held its breakfast meeting at the show where this year Show Communications Director Marty Bauman gave us an insiders look at the show and talked about future plans for this premier event in Lake Placid.  Thanks to Sara Stretton for arranging for Marty to speak with us.
We welcomed Mary Eileen Bezman today as the newest Rotarian in our club. Mary Eileen divides her time between Long Island and Lake Placid. She is a financial manager for a major New York City hospital. We're happy to have Mary Eileen join us and for sure she'll be quite involved in many of our community projects. There may be a duck race in her future. Mary Eileen is having the Rotary induction read by John Huttlinger and she's joined by her sponsor, Mary Liz Alexander.
Congratulations to club member Debbie Erenstone on her recognition as Distinguished Volunteer of the Year ant Lake Placid’s Community Day on June 2.   Debbie’s volunteer actions include the Lake Placid Outing Club, the Dark Skies Initiative, the 2023 FISU Winter Games, the Community X-C Ski Program, and of course the super important position of Duck Wrangler at Rotary’s duck race.  Well done, Debbie!   Read more about Debbie and Community Day in the June 3rd edition of The Adirondack Daily Enterprise https://bit.ly/3X7uJPV
Robin Baxter, RN with Dr. Chip Esper and Chip’s wife Kelly,  presented on the St. Eustace Ecumenical Mission to the Dominican Republic (DR).  Started in 1999, the mission team works in cooperation with the Episcopal Diocese of the DR.  Including clergy, physicians, nurses, translators and lay personnel to be on the prayer and medical teams.  The team returns each year to the same DR community on a 9-day trip each year.  On the most recent trip, the team saw just under 1,000 patients and treated a variant of medical conditions.  The St. Tomas parish honored the team with a medallion recognizing the many years of service to the community of Gautier.
There's no doubt our aging population faces a crisis on many levels, including loneliness and the ability to successfully age well in their community without becoming residents of a nursing facility.  Aging with friendship and compassion has been the mission since Mercy Care was founded in 2007.  As we heard in today's presentation from member Katherine Rhodes, Elder Care Manager, it is important to keep people connected to their community to minimize risks of premature death by providing services to help with life's social needs via outings, transportation and technology assistance, conversation and company as well as spiritual support.   Please click https://bit.ly/3UMsM8A to view Katherine's presentation.  To find out more about Mercy Care visit https://www.adkmercy.org/
Our guest today was David Sommerstein, News Director of North Country Public Radio (NCPR) and host of The Beat Authority (Fridays, 3 – 5PM).  David spoke about the state of journalism as a whole and NCPR’s local presence in providing truly local reporting on North Country events and activities.  David also talked about the current situation with National Public Radio (NPR) and how that organization conducts news coverage.  The difference between NPR and NCPR was explained with insight on how the two organizations are funded (donations, grants, tax dollars, sponsorships).  It was a lively Q & A session with our members, a number of whom are NCPR supporters and fans of David’s show.  David talked about the content of NCPR’s locally produced shows and how important it is for a journalist to attend local government meetings where most times it’s only the NCPR reporter present.  We also heard a brief segment of the nationally recognized podcast “If All Else Fails” NCPR can heard on traditional FM radio, on the web at www.ncpr.org, the NCPR app or wherever you access your favorite podcasts. The web and app provide livestreams or you can customize your listening experience.
One mission of St Joseph's Addiction and Recovery Centers is to provide Veterans and First Responders a safe, trauma informed environment to gain purpose and healing that will support lasting recovery.  Program Director Jeremy Baumann addressed our group  today to discuss the three stages of care in St. Joseph's program:  stabilization, rehabilitation, reintegration.  The common dilemmas of substance abuse are loss of identity, stigma, isolation and degradation. Through a program of activities, St. Joseph's works to provide a path to return individuals to being productive members of society.   Please visit their website for more videos and a further discussion of the treatment process.  https://www.stjoestreatment.org/veterans-treatment   The program is in need of donations of clothing, furniture and other items to help those on the path of recovery.  Please contact Laurie lwoodruff@stjoestreatment.org to learn how you can help.
Pictured with club President Kate Thompson (center) are Lee Slocum Lamparski and Harris Semegram, both recognized as Paul Harris Fellow.  Lee is a multiple Paul Harris Fellow.  Congrats to you both.
Here's the final standings from our May Trivia Night.  Emcee Sean challenged nine teams and over 70 players with questions that required good team collaboration and a knowledge of current and historical events, pop culture and general knowledge.  Now we know that the longest US Highway is Route 20, stretching 3365 miles from Boston to just one mile from the Oregon coast.  If you were watching the red carpet at the Met Gala, then you knew the Oxford Dictionary's word of the year is "rizz"  Here are the final standings and we thank the players for their donations to help literacy efforts in our area.   Once again a big thank you to the Cambria for providing the room and snacks.  As a point of order, your poster knew about US20 and rizz.  That's pretty lit.
The roads into town are among the first impressions made upon visitors to our area.  As we do each year, a crew grabs gloves, safety vests and pickup tools to remove accumulated trash from a designated section of Route 73.  This year's crew of Greg, Debbie, Tyler, Randy, Harris, Chandler and Dave collected ten bags of trash and then some.   While it's bad that some people think it's perfectly fine to chuck stuff out their car window, it is interesting on what is there to pick up.  
The Rotary Club of Lake Placid annually presents an award to a Lake Placid High School student who has excelled in music studies. The award comes with a plaque (displayed in the High School) and a monetary gift to enable the student to further his/her educational goals. This year's winner is Parker Scanio. Of note is this is the second member of the Scanio family to win the award with Parker's older brother, Andrew, the 2022 award recipient.  Watch the video: https://youtu.be/_U5wS9oMooU
Eric Martin is the Olympic Center Facilities Superintendent for ORDA.  Eric visited our meeting today to describe how he achieved his key position in ensuring the ice on the surface of the rinks or the Oval is in the precise condition it must be for a particular skating event.  In 2023, Eric was interviewed for a feature story by The Sun Community News.  Let’s let Eric tell you in his own words about the complexities and challenges of the job.  A job with little or no margin for error because improper conditions can and will impact the outcome of a contest or event.  Photo credit of Eric in front of ice making equipment by Sun Community News   https://suncommunitynews.com/news/100794/beneath-olympic-ice-green-controls-and-cost-savings/
In the year 2000, three service organizations in Lake Placid (Kiwanis, Rotary, Lions) banded together to put on a family day fund raiser at the horse show grounds on July 12.  Who's the current rotary member in the clown suit?  The main attraction was the Kelly Miller Circus.  Small traveling circuses were still to be found at that time but many have shuttered or are now animal free due to concern over animal welfare.
Many times a small but ingenious idea will have a profound, life-changing effect on an individual, a family or a community. Imagine that 4 or 5 times a day you must trudge a distance to potable water and then walk back, balancing a 40lb jug of water on your head. This is the life of a woman in many African villages. Now think of a better way to get more water in a more efficient manner. Think of the time that's now available to pursue other activities, such as education.  This week's meeting featured Luke Vostermans who joined us via Zoom from British Columbia to explain the project.   Please visit https://www.rollahippo.org/rotary/  and then look at the videos on the website which will illustrate the impact improving water distribution has on a village and in particular, the women in the village.
Our thanks to chef/hosts Evan and Agnes Karagiannopoulos for making their restaurant available to us for our dinner fundraiser.  In 2023 it was Ethiopian cuisine and this year Greek delicacies.  Thanks to Rotarian Hannah Hanford for organizing an evening of great food and conversation while we raised funds to support the works of our International Service Committee.  Unfortunately not all attendees were captured in these pictures.   Falafel, kabobs, grape leaves, spinach pie among the yummies and we saved room for some killer desserts like baklava and traditional rice pudding.  Opa! Opa! But without the plate smashing.
Today our club was pleased to present a check for $2,000 in support of literacy efforts at St. Agnes School in Lake Placid. These funds were raised at our Trivia Night events and we thank the Lake Placid community for their participation. Principal Katie Turner joined us to discuss the school's curriculum which focuses on a "foundation of literacy" and the collaborative literacy efforts with parents. Also shown are some of the thank you notes written by the students.
Looking to the future, our club received a presentation on how the plan for the future "look" of our town came together.  Presenting were the Hon. Dean  Dietrich, Town Supervisor Derek Doty, Town Councilperson Emily Kilburn-Politi and Development Director Haley Breen.  Included in the presentation was a look at the future of what we call now the "Horse Show Grounds," evolving into a multi-purpose venue for events and entertainment.  Over 1200 people completed a recent survey, offering feedback essential to planning in the area.  Of significances is one of the top five priorities identified in the survey was a lack of childcare in the area. There is a new survey out asking what people are looking for in terms of childcare. To take the survey, use your cellphone camera to focus on the QR code below and click the link that pops up.   See the presentation deck here:  https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/11DKXKNUMAX-2iuoRONzrJe7KdJPtqwYL/edit?usp=sharing&ouid=114952308540517625750&rtpof=true&sd=true
Eleven teams logged in for what was a very challenging night of trivia questions.  Of course we raised a few $$ for literacy projects but the object is to do this while having fun and amazing others with our (lack of?) knowledge.  As usual Grand Master MC Sean took us through the thoroughly researched questions.  And in keeping with tradition, there was a glitch or two in getting things rolling.  Eventually we'll figure that out!laugh.  Thanks to all for playing and for supporting literacy.  The top finishers:
With the distribution of over 81,000 stoves to 600,000+ people in Central America, StoveTeam International has also kept over 1 million tons of CO2 from entering the atmosphere.  Today, StoveTeam's Development Director, Emily Cupo, spoke to us from California via Zoom to show how impactful our club's donations to StoveTeam have been.  Many Rotary clubs have partnered with StoveTeam  - please see StoveTeam's website for this and more about the organization.  https://www.stoveteam.org/our-rotary-partnerships  StoveTeam is a nonprofit organization started by a Rotarian in Eugene, Oregon that facilitates the placement of safe, affordable, fuel-efficient cookstoves in collaboration with local communities to support families and protect the environment.
Please visit StoveTeam's webpage see how impactful the organization's activities have been in improving the lives of people over five nations in Central America.  Please continue reading as Emily has shared ideas for further involvement of our club with some new projects.
If you're reading this then you are breakfast/lunch/dinner/snack for the famous Adirondack black fly.  While we may like spring and summer, black flies are part of the package.  Here in North Elba/Lake Placid there is a black fly control program headed by John Riley.  John visited our club with a presentation that told us everything we wanted to know and more.  While not a fashion statement, some say that a head net is de rigueur in those months.  Since 1994, the control program has focused on targeted waterways with preventative measures.  See the FAQ here https://on.ny.gov/3wv9HQ0.  And for a really deep dive, take a "bite" at John's presentation here https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1ZgiA30pPUjwr3ExY6xVMyx1Sy-yHvOuM/edit?usp=sharing&ouid=114952308540517625750&rtpof=true&sd=true
With thanks to an anonymous donor, our club has donated $5,000 to the "WIC "N" PICK" program which is a community outreach program guiding families in our area toward enjoying the benefits of better nutrition.  Today, Krista Berger visited with us to provide information about the program's acceptance and successes.  WIC is the nation's most successful and cost effective public health nutrition program.  WIC approved foods provide essential vitamins and minerals to support growth.  Participation in the program has not only taught recipients about better nutrition but participants have bonded and are now forming small support groups that help with managing many daily activities to improve quality of life.  Visit the program's website https://essexcountyny.gov/Health/wic/ to see the complete range of services that are offered.  Combating food insecurity is one of the major themes for our club in the coming months.  Shown L to R are Donations Chair Peter Beatty, Krista, Int'l Services Committe Chair Chandler Ralph and Club President Kate Thompson.
The Lake Placid Olympic Museum will make the Olympics come alive for the whole family.  Museum Director Courtney Bastian presented an overview of the many exhibits which focus on our town’s role in two Olympics.    Click to view Courtney's presentation https://bit.ly/49z2bSx  This is just a fraction of what you'll explore on your visit.  Here's a short video on the Museum's "Continuing the Legacy" campaign https://bit.ly/3Suoamy    Before you go, visit the Museum's website for the latest on exhibits and special events:  http://lakeplacidolympicmuseum.org
Sawyer Bailey & Carolyn Koestner informed us about the Clean Water Safe Roads project and provided an update on how salt impacts Mirror Lake.  Per AdkAction and the AuSable River Association:  Each year an estimated 193,000 tons of road salt is applied to roadways in the Adirondacks, posing a threat to aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems, water quality and the safety of drinking water.  While road salt is a crucial tool for ensuring safe winter travel, decades of salt overuse has had negative consequences for the fragile ecosystem and the health of people in the Adirondacks. Click https://bit.ly/47XN3g1 to view the presentation and to find out what you can do individually and through your town to reduce road salt usage.
Dr. Adam Dewbury is ANCA's Local Food Systems Program Director handling several roles in his position with the goal of strengthening food systems in order to drive economic growth, sustain regional farms and food businesses and increase access to local food. Adam works closely with farmers, food entrepreneurs and regional partners to identify gaps in the regional food system and provide opportunities for learning and growth.  On the consumer side, Adam directs a process to enhance the value of the assistance provided by SNAP program to develop healthier eating habits.  More information on the initiatives being done by the Adirondack North Country Association visit https://www.adirondack.org/  Here's a link to Adam's page on the ANCA website: https://www.adirondack.org/staff/adam-dewbury/
Hannah Hanford, Executive Director of the Adirondack Health Foundation and a member of the Rotary Club of Lake Placid, gave an overview of the Cornerstone Campaign. She highlighted the planned renovation of the two patient care floors which will include updating all major infrastructure, HVAC, and windows, improving infection prevention, and remodeling patient bathrooms to include a shower, as well as relocating the Renal Dialysis Center to a larger, more accessible location on the ground floor level, freeing up space for 4 new additional patient rooms. For more information about the Cornerstone Campaign visit https://www.ahfcornerstone.org/
Our donations from proceeds our our Dam Duck Race are already at work. These are plyo boxes. A plyo box is a piece of training equipment used for plyometric exercises, which are a type of explosive power training that uses muscle elasticity to produce rapid, forceful movements. A plyo box can be any elevated platform suitable for plyometric exercises, but it needs to be level, sturdy, and capable of handling repeated strong yet softer impacts. Donated to Adirondack Health Medical Fitness Center.
The carousel widget will show the images from our holiday party.  A nice evening of nice conversation, tasty hors d'oeuvres, libations and no pretenses.  Ugly sweaters were encouraged.  Over $500 was raised for a project of our International Service Committee -providing blankets for South African children in need.  A beautiful wood cut of Lake Placid, created by Debbie McLean, was also auctioned off as a fund raiser.  The Cambria Hotel provided a comfortable venue for our group.  In our photo album library, look at images from our 2013 holiday party.  Do you see the difference?  Guys were wearing jacket and tie.  We were a bit more casual this year.
Continuing a tradition that started during the pandemic, our club brought pizzas to show support and thanks to the hard working staff who care for the residents at Elderwood of Uihlein at Lake Placid.  This will be followed very soon by a delivery of presents that have been requested by each resident.
The Adirondack Park is perhaps the only place east of Indiana where one can experience a truly dark sky at night.  Today John Winkler outlined the different forms of light pollution and how it impacts the lives of both people and animals.  A project is underway to educate and remediate sources of glare, skyglow and light trespass by choosing wisely types of illumination and placing lights in a way where the output remains useful but focused.  One of the attached pictures shows how the Adirondacks stand out as dark alongside the rest of our geographic area but how the Tri-Lakes communities "stand out" amongst the darkness.  Very useful information was learned about the project and what individuals can do now to reduce the level of light pollution in our area, enabling the stars to really "shine" at night.  A recent article in the Lake Placid news provides more background.  https://bit.ly/41gAydN  For more information or ways you can help, write http://darkskieslp@gmail.com
At this week’s meeting, Naj Wikoff gave us the history behind the installation of several pieces of artwork in place around Lake Placid in conjunction with the 1980 Winter Olympics.   Did you know Olympic rules establish that a program of the Arts is to be held concurrently and in the same vicinity as the games themselves.   Through the persistent efforts of Placidians like Shirley Seney, Bob Peacock and Jack Barry, a well-received program was created in keeping with International Olympic Committee Rule 35.  It wasn’t an easy task as this article from the NY Times Archive will attest.  Many of the initiatives put in place are still in use today.  The arts program was delivered on time and on budget.  Did you also know that the use of a three-tiered podium for the top three finishers in a winter Olympic sport originated at the 1980 Winter Olympics?  https://nyti.ms/47DqIoU
13 teams and about 100 excited and smart players turned out for our Fall Trivia Night.  MC Sean Donovan, assisted by the Rotary "Clue Crew" challenged the players on categories including pop culture, geography, Blue Line geography, music and more.  It was a close race with the Literacy Bombers capturing third place after a run-off.  Once again the Irish Mafia came out on top but it was close as the Mixed Bag team fell two points short.  While it's fun to keep score, once again funds were raised to benefit literacy projects in our area.  We were at the new Cambria Hotel in Lake Placid.  Many players came early to socialize and enjoy fine dinners served in the Haystack Bar & Bistro.  A spacious ballroom made for an excellent event venue with light snacks provided by the hotel.  Congratulations to all our players and the winners of our many door prizes.
Katherine Rhodes (L) was inducted into the Rotary Club of Lake Placid NY by past Co-President Heather Perkins.  Katherine is sponsored by Mercy Care for the Adirondacks where she is the Elder Care Manager.  We're very happy to have Katherine as a member of our club and judging from the pictures, she's happy to be on board.  Welcome Katherine!
Todd Ormiston,  Executive Director of  Camp Treetops and North Country School, joined the Rotary Club for breakfast.  He shared their approach to helping young people to develop.  The North Country School strives to create a community that gives children self-confidence, knowledge, skills and values to lead satisfying and productive lives while contributing to their world.   Founded in Lake Placid in 1923 the school recently added new facilities: the Waler P Breeman Performing Arts Center and the Teaching and Learning Kitchen.  Click https://bit.ly/3u3h9AD to learn more about North Country School and their events. 
Today we welcomed NCPR Reporter Amy Feiereisel to talk about community engagement and the ways in which North Country Public Radio seeks to connect with those who work and live here.  Amy defines this process as talking and listening to those in NCPR's service area to create content that better serves them.  This leads to reporting on issues that matter and content which listeners want to interact with.  We were taken through the methodology that goes into preparing a series such as North Country at work http://ncpr.org/work or a listener participation survey to develop a North Country Ice Cream Map.  We also saw a short video of a presenter at a recent Howl Story Slam - a series of events where our North Country neighbors relate a meaningful tale from personal history.  You can't get much more engaged than that.  Hear more from Amy and other NCPR reporters plus uniquely curated music shows at ncpr.org or by downloading the NCPR app from your app store.  
Former and now seasonal residents of Lake Placid, George and Marie McBride discuss the very serious issue of human trafficking in Thailand & SE Asia.  Residing most of the time in Chiang Mai, George & Marie devote considerable time to educating people via working with http://www.globalreliefassociation.com to provide support for victims of trafficking and also engaging in prevention programs to deter traffickers.  We recorded their presentation.  The content may be disturbing to some individuals so caution is advised.    Also see https://www.worldschildren.org/child-trafficking-statistics/
Rotarians Mary Liz and Randy present Lake Placid Central School District's Patricia Damp with a check to support a grade level trip to The Wild Center in Tupper Lake.  Patricia's program offers a funded trip to this world-class museum to stimulate an interest in reading.  The importance of our funding this trip enables all students to benefit from this experience.  It allows for families who could not afford the entry fee not to feel stigmatized by having to be subsidized.  Our Literacy Committee derives the funds for these gifts from events such as our Trivia Nights.  We'll be having a Trivia Night in November - please watch for details.
We had a return visit from Carolyn Walton, Founder/Exec Dir of The Woods Program to update us on the program's partnership with the Lake Placid Central School District and recent outings with boys and girls from the school district.  The Woods Program's goals are to take kids on a camping experience in the woods and detach from their cell phones to embark on a self-discovery mission.  As the website for program says, connections are fostered through immersion.  "Disconnect to connect."  Our Rotary Club is taking a marked interest in the work being done here.  Please visit the program's website for the bigger picture:  https://www.thewoodsprogram.com/
Stories from behind the badge this morning with Essex County NY Sheriff, Dave Reynolds, a seasoned law enforcement professional.  Policing today is much more than the what's depicted in TV shows.  Changes within society and the law have thrust police into many new roles.  While the Sheriff's Department performs traditional activities such a managing the county jail, civil actions such as evictions and road patrol, there are expanded responsibilities and programs which have caused the 98+ individuals under Reynolds' command to become involved with many social service activities, particularly in managing those who are incarcerated.  Sheriff Reynolds told us that many of the programs he has implemented are being copied by other police agencies in NY State and around the nation.  Today we were introduced to the broad range of activities a sheriff's deputy will deal with daily in a job that carries with it many dangers but can also be quite rewarding.  The Rotary Club of Lake Placid thanks Sheriff Reynolds and the men and women who wear the badge for their dedicated service to the public.
Please enjoy this short video that shows all the fun and excitement had by everyone at Lisa G's on September 23rd.  A lively crowd enjoyed a tasty buffet dinner and then lined the river banks to watch 1.750 ducks battle it out in getting to the finish line.
This video runs four minutes   
A thank you to Rick and Kate Thompson for hosting our August social.  The rains stayed away to allow us to enjoy good food, good conversation and good music.  
A Rotary wheel unexpectedly turns up at the summit of Colorado's Mt. Evans (14,130 ft above sea level).  It was placed there in 1941 by Rotarians in what is now District 5450 in honor of the Rotary International convention that was hosted by the Denver Rotary Club in June of that year.  It was to be dedicated by then Rotary International President Armando de Arruda Pereira of Sao Paolo but due to weather and travel issues, it actually was dedicated in August by the succeeding RI President, Tom Davis of Butte, MT.
Rotarians Charlotte, Stephanie, and Lee were at the Octoberfest themed aid station at this year's Lake Placid Ironman.  Thus the Tyrolean hats. Despite what you may be thinking, nothing stronger than Gatorade was handed out to the athletes.  
The first social of the 2023 - 2024 Rotary year was held at The Boat tasting room in Lake Placid.  Our social events are held on the third Thursday of each month and provide an opportunity to just gather and talk outside of the usual meeting structure.  These social events are open to guests and are a great way for someone who is thinking about joining Rotary to meet the club members in an informal setting.
Today we had the pleasure of inducting Daci Shenfield as a Companion Member in our club.  Daci stands between Membership Chair & Past President Heather Perkins and Club Treasurer John Huttlinger..  Daci is the daughter of another Past President, Tina Leonard.  Our club has worked closely with Daci and the Lake Placid NY Rotary Foundation in establishing the Tina Leonard Award which is given annually to a student in our school district who has shown the strength to overcome disabilities and challenges in their life.  Welcome Daci!
Last done in the height of the pandemic (2020), it was time for another cleanup at Mill Pond Park in Lake Placid.  Heat and humidity didn't stop volunteers Mary Liz, Andrew, Peter, Randy, Krista and visiting Rotarian Kier from doing that was needed to be done so that there's a clean play area for the kids.
Our 30th Changeover Event (June 22, 2023) as we thanked the past year's leadership and congratulated our incoming leadership team.  A Paul Harris Fellow Award was presented to past Co-President Harris Semegram.  There's a carousel of pictures from our event playing on the left side of this page.   Good food, lots of Rotary comradery and another evening of good times when the Rotary Club of Lake Placid gets together.   We're looking forward to our Duck Race on September 23rd, many, many informative and interesting speakers, fun social events and of course continuing our strong history of sponsoring and taking action on projects to better our Lake Placid/North Elba community.
2023 - 2024 Area Governor Martha Pritchard Spear presents a video of her participation in the Rotary District 7040's Annual Conference
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