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Mar 27, 2019
Apr 03, 2019
A walk in the Gardens
Apr 10, 2019
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Social Bowls night.
City Memorial Bowls Club.
Mar 27, 2019 5:30 PM
Warrnambool Central Rotary Charity Auction
Apr 06, 2019
Wine Tasting Night
May 31, 2019
Warrnambool Central change-over dinner.
Jun 29, 2019
Invocation         Boré Hoekstra
Toast                Boré Hoekstra
Fellowship         Boré Hoekstra
Chairman          Boré Hoekstra
Fines                Boré Hoekstra
Attendance: Sam counted 35 members and 4 guests in attendance.  Our guests were Mark Jones and John Straughn from the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia, and our favourite exchange students Lea and Janick.
Meal: A roast chicken lunch pleased Lindsay B. and reminded our Charter President of the day our club was founded.
The Compass opened the meeting with a series of jokes that reminded the audience that Matt has primary school aged children.  James and I are with you Matt, but I am not sure anyone else is.
Our President extended our condolences to Linda and Brendan.  He advised members that the family has requested donations to brain cancer research in lieu of flowers.  Our President also announced;
  • We have donated $1,600 for hay to drought affected East Gippsland.
  • Rotary House phase 2 may go ahead.
  • Lew, Lea and Janick will be leading our delegation to the District Conference.
  • Our Auction is on the 6th of April. 
In other reports;
  • Sam informed members we still have some money, and $2,000 of it was sent to the Rotary Club of Charters Towers to assist with flood recovery.
  • Penno is interviewing an outbound exchange student prospect and we will host one inbound student this year.  We need to find host families, particularly the first one.
  • James informed members the board had discussed the recent tragic events in Christchurch.  A public show of support for the local Islamic community was planned.
  • Junior asked members for some assistance setting up for the auction on the morning of the 6th of April.
  • Francis asked members to start getting their tables together for the Auction.
  • Hayessey again reminded members of the upcoming Mock Job Interviews.
Our guest speakers John and Mark spoke to us about prostate cancer and their plans to organise a fundraising and awareness event; The Biggest Blokes Lunch.  Mark is looking to replicate this event in Warrnambool.  If you would like to help Mark in this endeavour, he asks you to;
  • Talk about it with people.
  • Consider joining his committee or helping in other ways.
  • Go to the lunch when it is held. 
Mark can be contacted on;
Mark Jones
Bore’s view.
Normally, something happens in our Rotary Club and then Boré draws a cartoon about it for the following week.  This week, in a departure from normal practice, we present to you a cartoon Boré has drawn of next week’s meeting. 
Now I know what you are thinking most valued reader, sure it is a funny joke, but Boré will read this week’s Central Spoke and he won’t actually turn up to the meeting this week.  However, although Boré is one of the most generous and prolific contributors to the Central Spoke, he never actually reads it.  I hope Les has organised a good guest speaker for Boré.
We thank Boré for his tremendous cartoon and for his commitment to Rotary.

Mock Job Interviews.

The Mock Job interviews are om 2 April 2019 at Warrnambool College Hall. There are 3 sessions to select from. 

Session 1             9 - 00 to 11 - 00

Session 2            11 - 00 to 1 - 00

Session 3             1. -  00 to  3 - 00

Could you members please let Peter Hayes know if you can assist  in this important process at our next meeting on Wednesday 20 March 2019..

P.S. the Barefoot Investor said getting a part time job was valuable as it gave the young person the opportunity to experiencing an interview. This exercise assists the students in preparing for a real interview.


Peter Hayes

More club banners.
Recently a member had a problem locating a banner for our club.  We have a new one in the locker at the Central Court and an old felt one in our archives in Bruce’s basement.  Our President recently attended a District meeting at Wayne Manor (the DG is Batman), and he discovered that we have a third banner hanging in the mansion above the Batcave.  Now, if we can just work out who stole our old four-way test banner…

Peace Concert and Awards.

Sorry it is a week late (your editor’s fault), but James has kindly sent us these images from the recent Peace Concert and Awards.

Ten years ago this week.
Ten years ago this week we published more Collingwood joke.  However, after their disappointing loss to the Catters we thought we would leave them alone this week.  Ten years ago we also published a picture of Robbo in a wet suit with his son Oscar.  The view from the front looked better than the view from the back.  Publishing these photos landed the Central Spoke in all sorts of legal difficulties with charges of indecency etc.  Fortunately, we were ably defended at the time by the legal firm of Dwyer Robinson.
Andy’s Garlic Plan.
Andy Grey has proposed the following plan for sustainability and community development.  Please give it your consideration and provide Andy with your feedback.
Thank you to all those who contributed this week.
Please send contributions to;