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May 15, 2019
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May 22, 2019
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Jun 04, 2019
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May 31, 2019
Warrnambool Central change-over dinner.
Jun 29, 2019
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Oct 25, 2019 – Oct 27, 2019
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An excellent meeting with a very tasty lasagne salad and chips.

President Lewis reported that the previous Sunday’s Group 5 Social Day at Portland was most enjoyable. Seven clubs including our own were represented......Although without Lewis they would apparently have been six clubs represented. Well done Lew.

Janick and Lea were with us for Janick’s last meeting. He has enjoyed, according to Lew, a “decimal year“ on exchange, being 10 months. Would love to have you longer Yanick, but we all wish you well.

Another reminder to us all about the camping trip. Sounds great fun so book now and ensure you get accommodation, and that your accommodation is with the rest of us.

Remember too our social event wine tasting night Friday 31st May at “Bohemia”.

On the Footy Tipping front those who forgot to put their tips in got home teams which were 8 out of nine winners. Worse, something went skew whiff with the system proper, and four people got nine and had to receive a payout. Fortunately it wasn’t much.

Rowan O’Brien was on fines after being nominated by Bomber Raymond about six weeks ago. Still no show, so it was another fine on Bomber.

Janick had given his presentation the previous night at his counsellor Paul Forbes’ Warrnambool Rotary Club so we didn’t put him through it again. He did however give us a very happy chat accompanied by a selection of his photos from the 10 months he has been here. He has clearly loved the experience and will recommend it to other young Danes when he gets home. As always, the Safari was a highlight, including Ayres Rock/Uluru. I forget who asked the question about his time there, commenting “of course you couldn’t climb it“, to which the laconic reply was, “yeah, we did“.
Luke & Tim from Clontarf in Warrnambool gave us a most interesting address. Established by Ex Fremantle coach Gerard Neesham in Perth in 2000 at a single school with sport, particularly football, as a focus for getting aboriginal boys to, and retaining them at, school, it has now grown exponentially across the nation. Clontarf Warrnambool was established in 2010 and has 45 students across Warrnambool College and Brauer College. One of only a few Clontarf centres in the nation to operate across two schools. The focus is on school attendance, getting to year 12, health and well-being, and ultimately employment in the workforce. Entry is at year seven and boys and families are contacted during their final primary school years.

If truth be known, we had such a packed program that apart from fining Eddie Raymond, there was no time for fines. Let’s hope Rowan turns up next week!

Finally, Lew is counting down now to the change over dinner on 29 June. Diarise!


Vassa Blue.

In late news the auction horse Vassa Blue won at Ballarat over the weekend. And by win, reports suggest it beat six other horses. This is an excellent development. Wait for news on disgorgement of winnings to syndicate participants.


Camping trip.
Don't forget to book if you have not already.
Contact details to make a booking;
Park Gate Caravan Park Halls Gap.
Bookings – 1800 810 781
Boré’s View:
For years exchange students have been the bread and butter of our club.  There is no doubt exchange students add some flavour to the otherwise ‘white bread’ flavour of our club.  For many of our past exchange student, our club has seemed not like a real Rotary club, but more like an approximate imitation of the real thing. However, in recent years we have been spread a bit thinly trying to find host families.  It was with great pleasure then that Boré received the news from Penno that we were to host another student again next year;
Lew enjoys fellowship, just not with us.
Lew sent us this report from the Group 5 fellowship day in Portland.
Nursing home update.
Members may be interested to know that ‘our’ planter boxes have now been planted out.  For privacy reasons I did not take photos of it, but residents were sitting out in the yard talking and tending to the garden.  Apparently, some residents are out in the garden tending to it every day and it has really made a difference to their life.
And now, a word from our sponsor.
Pip continues to sell advertising.
Pip meets John Howard.
Robbo was on hand to capture this snap;
Big week for Titus.
Bob, as always, sends us the important news;
Gold Coast (60) v Melbourne (61)
Ever wondered what it would look like if two teams tried to lose but in the closest manner possible?
Well, this is what it looks like, and it looks messy. 
One thing we certainly learnt from this game is that neither side is going to trouble anyone this season. Not in a footballing sense. They’ll trouble their fans.
Both sides’ skills are poor at best and the Demons, who for long periods dominated play, have a collective football IQ that would see them in the remedial class.
Time and again they made decisions so poor I felt like I was reliving my twenties.
With 50 seconds remaining Nick Holman kicked a goal, sending the Suns ahead by a goal.
This was at the 30:45 mark.
At the 31:03 mark, Marty Hore kicked a goal levelling the scores. I hope he goes on to be a big star, solely because the idea of the MCC members all screaming out ‘Hore’ every time he gets the ball amuses me greatly. 
Outside of the Melbourne Club, you’d never hear so many bluebloods yell that out loud.
Then seventeen seconds later, in a passage of play that summed up the ineptness that  was the game, the Demons got the ball forward, only for Tom McDonald to drop a mark at the top of the goal square he should have taken, but then somehow get a toe to the ball and hit the post, giving the Demons a one-point lead and the win.
There’s winning ugly then there’s winning stupid, and this was the stupidest win I’ve ever seen.
Sydney (77) v Essendon (72)
So, we’ve always known the AFL’s rules are highly subjective and rely on the mood of the 200 umpires on the field during any game. 
Now we discover that the rules are also subject to the context of the game and whether they would impact the game or not. 
In the dying moments, as David Myers attempted to kick a match-winning goal from beyond the 50-metre arc, Dane Rampe in a fit of madness, attempted to climb the goal post.
It was one of the stupidest things I’ve seen on a footy ground until I watched Melbourne play the Gold Coast.
It was a clear free kick in the goal square for the Bombers, which would have resulted in the winning goal.
But in the Alice in Wonderland world of the AFL, it not only wasn’t called, but it was also cleared later on as the right call on the grounds ‘It’s the vibe.’
"Well, yes technically [it is a free kick], but I think like all things it's context where and when," said Gillon McLachlan, in a wonderful example of the twisted logic the AFL brings to their own rules.
Now, we all hate Essendon, but this was about as blatant as they come. I get McLachlan’s point that Myers kick fell short, so it didn’t impact the kick, but that’s not the way the rules work. 
The rule book doesn’t say, ‘if the goal post is shaken, but the ball would have fallen short anyway, don’t worry about it.” 
As painful as it is to admit this, Essendon were robbed, and while that’s obviously funny, it’s a bad precedent for the rest of us.
Carlton (87) v Collingwood (106)
It’s nice to see the Blues try some different ways to upset their fans. 
I’d expected them to get annihilated, but instead, they teased their fans at times, looking like they could actually win, only to drop away faster than the continental shelf. 
“We appear competent!” You could hear the Carlton supporters cheer, or “This isn’t embarrassing!”
This went on for three quarters until Collingwood decided they better take their opponent seriously, slamming on the final five goals.
You could see this as a positive step by Carlton against one of the best teams in the competition, but I prefer not to give Carlton any credit and instead wonder why Collingwood were off for most of the day?
Once again, Carlton fans left with another honourable loss and thanking the universe that Patrick Cripps plays for them.
Collingwood fans left surprised their team had to break out of a jog to win this one.
Glenn Eira Indian Cultural Day.
Earlier this year James, Stu and myself travelled to India as guests of the Rotary Club of Nagpur South.  Joining us on one of these trips was the Lili, the incoming president of the Rotary Club of Glenn Eira.  We have previously run a project with the Nagpur South Rotarians and are now looking to be involved with another project with Nagpur South and the Rotary Club of Glenn Eira. 
Thank you to all those who contributed this week.
Please send contributions to;