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Apr 17, 2019
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May 22, 2019
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Wine Tasting Night
May 31, 2019
Warrnambool Central change-over dinner.
Jun 29, 2019
Board nominations invited.
It has been mentioned to me that for some years our club has invited club members to be board members rather than by a process of nominations from the membership as a whole.

My immediate response was to dust off the Club rules which state “not less than one month prior to the elections members may nominate candidates for president, secretary, treasurer and 4 directors. The nominations may be presented by a nominating committee, by members from the floor, or both”

I would argue that the board could serve as a nominating committee, and we are acting within the rules. We have next year’s executive locked in – President (Tim),President elect (Gerard), Secretary (Macca) and Treasurer (Sam).

However, the Board has agreed to invite nominations for other board positions, giving all members an opportunity to nominate someone for board. If we get a surplus of nominations we could have the excitement of an election! We normally have 10 board members, and current board members who I understand are happy to continue are Shane, Tony, James, and Lew. Retiring from the board are Penno and Pip.

Nominations would need to be in writing, and signed by nominator, seconder and accepted by the nominee, and lodged with the Secretary by 2 May.

Come for the wine, stay for the coffee.
Bob McMillan is organising a wine tasting social night on us on Friday 31st May at Bohemia Café. 
Like most people, your correspondent gets most of his fine dining advice from Oval Express magazine, Australia’s premier speedway magazine.  In the latest edition, local sprintcar champion and coffee aficionado Jamie ‘The Real Deal’ Veal talks about where to find the best coffee in Warrnambool. 
Set aside the evening of May 31st and come and try for yourself.
Camping trip.
Members have been rushing our recently buying Kathmandu vests in preparation for our camping trip in October.  
Our plan is to stay at the Park Gate Caravan Park in Halls Gap on Friday 25th and Saturday 26th of October.  There are a range of accommodation options that include sites and cabins.  There is  pool and tennis court amongst other things at the park.  Members are asked to contact the caravan park and book their preferred accommodation themselves.  Do it now as the park will book out a long way in advance for that time of year. 
Contact details to make a booking;
Park Gate Caravan Park Halls Gap.
Bookings – 1800 810 781

Football update.

Central Spoke medical officer Lew reports;

Ethics 101.
Recently militant vegans have been in the news.  An ethicist wrote in an opinion piece in The Age that the vegans might not be popular, but they might be right.  Their argument is best stated in Australian philosopher Peter Singer’s book Animal Liberation.  The argument against this view is best stated in Australian philosopher Pip Ritchie’s photo of a baby carrot hugging its mother.

And now a message from our sponsor.

Central Spoke marketing and sales manager Pip brings us this message from our sponsor;

Ten years ago this week.
Ten years ago we published this diagram to explain Rotary working bees to recently joined members.  The club has never been the same since Andre left.
Thank you to all those who contributed this week.
Please send contributions to;