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Apr 10, 2019
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Apr 24, 2019
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May 22, 2019
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Wine Tasting Night
May 31, 2019
Warrnambool Central change-over dinner.
Jun 29, 2019
Our Commanding Officer.
The Dinner Auction was a raging success – great company, good food, a suave auctioneer and his scruffy sidekick, spirited bidding and amazing music. We enjoyed support from members of Warrnambool Rotary Club and the Special Development School, the latter being one of the beneficiaries of the auction.  Well done to the auction committee for their work in bringing the night together.
The main theme of the District Conference (that I attended, along with Lea and Janick) seemed to be about making Rotary enjoyable by having a few laughs and not getting too stressed about making fundraising the primary object. It was as if the organisers took a leaf out of our approach to Rotary! There are opportunities for us to add value by involving our skills in other areas such as mock job interviews, mentoring emerging groups, and Standing Tall.
Our exchange students are heading off on safari so we won’t see them at our meetings for a few weeks.
We are always keen to build our membership so if you know anyone who might like to join our club, please invite them along to a meeting.
Board nominations invited.
It has been mentioned to me that for some years our club has invited club members to be board members rather than by a process of nominations from the membership as a whole.

My immediate response was to dust off the Club rules which state “not less than one month prior to the elections members may nominate candidates for president, secretary, treasurer and 4 directors. The nominations may be presented by a nominating committee, by members from the floor, or both”

I would argue that the board could serve as a nominating committee, and we are acting within the rules. We have next year’s executive locked in – President (Tim),President elect (Gerard), Secretary (Macca) and Treasurer (Sam).

However, the Board has agreed to invite nominations for other board positions, giving all members an opportunity to nominate someone for board. If we get a surplus of nominations we could have the excitement of an election! We normally have 10 board members, and current board members who I understand are happy to continue are Shane, Tony, James, and Lew. Retiring from the board are Penno and Pip.

Nominations would need to be in writing, and signed by nominator, seconder and accepted by the nominee, and lodged with the Secretary by 2 May.

Robbo writes;
Exciting news for those in the Vasa Blue syndicate. The faithful steed ran third at Hamilton. But as one new to the racing industry, this correspondent was saddened to learn that one basic rule of syndicates is that “you never get money out!“. Silly me. I always assumed that those associated with Winx and Black Caviar must’ve done rather well.

I missed Ronnies declaration of numbers, but it was a fun meeting with both Janick and Lea present. They set off this weekend on the Safari and we are sure they’ll have a fantastic time.

Penno conducted an excellent sign this session, the opening one of which was on Mark McFadden for an April fool‘s joke gone wrong. He left all those “ Roads under Repair“ signs up all day instead of taking them down at lunchtime.

Guest Speaker was one of our past members Pat McKenzie who volunteers to cook a barbecue once a week for Southwest Health Care at Ward nine. The current barbecue is in Tiley in adequate and they are looking to install two new gas burner barbecues into the existing brick structure, with a bit of alteration. Quotes have come in at just under $8000. I will be similar to the ones that like the type that with safety aspects appropriate for ward 9. Any funds we might be able to direct their way would be gratefully accepted, as would be The concept of Pat re-joining the club as a member!

We finished neatly on time.
Bore’s view.
Andy has proposed his garlic project which could see a dramatic increase in the amount of garlic consumed in Warrnambool. The project has the potential to promote sustainability, help people financially, promote community, and improve people’s health.
This is, of course, a terrible idea. Andy, have you no feelings at all for all the hard-working dentists in the community? Do you really want to force fang farriers to work day after day, week after week in a haze of home-grown garlic vapour?
Bore thinks it is a good idea. He would though. That is the problem with physiotherapists; all they care about is the health of their patients.
We thank Boré for another fantastic cartoon.
Last week our President popped over to the Old Dart to see how Theresa May was coping with Brexit negotiations.  According to Lew, the cracks are starting to show.
Titus O’Rielly.
Bob brings us the latest from Titus;
Melbourne (112) v Essendon (130)
A lot of people said to me that Melbourne were a sure thing in this game, but I’ve learnt the Demons can ruin my life in ways previously thought impossible.
This wasn’t even that innovative for them, although starting the season 0-3 after making a Prelim is certainly a new approach to making me wish I’d never been born.
Melbourne ran out through a banner filled with abusive tweets and going by the reaction online to this performance, they have enough to now cover every banner until the end of time.
All credit to Essendon, after looking like a team who hadn’t trained for years in the first two rounds, they were full of energy and responded to Melbourne’s strong second quarter by booting eight unanswered goals in 21 minutes. 
That’s quite a worrying amount of goals to give up in such a short period of time and can only really be achieved by an entire team switching off. I’d say it was time for some soul searching at Demonland, but this club has done more soul searching over the past decade than every new age retreat combined. 
Melbourne’s problem was their inability to stick to any sort of structure. 
I watched the vegan protest that shut down Melbourne’s CBD this morning and must admit, I was jealous of their ability to hold their structure under pressure. Perhaps those vegans would like a harder challenge than ending meat eating, and help the Dees’ learn some discipline.  
Nothing gets easier for either team next week, with Melbourne travelling to Sydney for their fourth loss and Essendon taking on Premiership favourites Brisbane at the MCG.
Ten years ago this week.
Ten years ago an anonymous poet and past member sent us this poem after returning to the club for our 20th anniversary dinner;
Ha, ha, charades that you are.
I’ve been in the wilderness,
And watching from afar.
Some faces are gone, many are new.
And footy cheating Nooka,
Is still stealing from you.
Bugger all has changed for the old ones of course.
I have been travelling, drinking, shagging,
And I have a new horse!
Food, fellowship, fun and going home pissed.
This Wednesday routine,
I have surely missed.
Thank you to all those who contributed this week.
Please send contributions to;