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May 08, 2019
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May 22, 2019
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Wine Tasting Night
May 31, 2019
Warrnambool Central change-over dinner.
Jun 29, 2019
Grampians Camping Weekend
Parkgate caravan park
Oct 25, 2019 – Oct 27, 2019
ClubRunner Mobile
Our Commanding Officer.
Nominations for Board positions have now closed and nominees are James Mepham, Garry Askew, Tony Davies and Peter Hayes to join Tim Goodall, Ronnie Barker, Sam Baulch and Potholes McFadden on the Board next Rotary year. No election needed!
Due to a change in his circumstances Andy Gray has advised he will not be renewing his membership of Rotary next year. Andy has a bit on his plate at the moment and while he will no longer be a member of our club, he will remain as a friend and is keen to help out with service projects as time permits. 
Our exchange students have returned from safari and we thank Pip for attending the District Assembly in Ararat in order to collect Lea and Janick and bring them back to Warrnambool.
We are always keen to build our membership so if you know anyone who might like to join our club, please invite them along to a meeting.
Our thoughts with Bruce.
Our Charter President recently had some surgery on his knees.  We are thinking of him and wish him well with his recovery.  Hopefully he will be up and about very soon.
Change-over coming soon.
It is now just weeks away from our change-over dinner.  This is our opportunity to thank Lew for his year and welcome Tim as our new president. 
Hopefully our Charter President will be up and about for the change-over.  Our friends at the Lighthouse Theatre have already begun to advertising the event for us.  The date and the program are correct, but the venue and time are yet to be confirmed.
Camping trip.
Don't forget to book if you have not already.
Contact details to make a booking;
Park Gate Caravan Park Halls Gap.
Bookings – 1800 810 781
Wine tasting night.
Bob McMillan is very kindly organizing a wine tasting social night for us on Friday May 31st at Bohemia.  This will also be a farewell for Lea, so we hope members and partners will be able to attend.  James thinks it may be an opportunity for us to try a new variety of wine;
The Tickler in the Territory.
Di kindly sent us this photo from Tim in the N.T with the caption ‘got to get there before the tide’.   Sometimes, dear reader, people kindly submit photos to the Central Spoke and they do not get printed with the same caption that the photo was submitted with.  This is one such occasion.
As Tim looked back, he seemed sure there had been other people in the boat when he first set off.
Few people understand leadership better than our President.  This week Lew sends us this guide;
Glenn Eira Indian Cultural Day.
Earlier this year James, Stu and myself travelled to India as guests of the Rotary Club of Nagpur South.  Joining us on one of these trips was the Lili, the incoming president of the Rotary Club of Glenn Eira.  We have previously run a project with the Nagpur South Rotarians and are now looking to be involved with another project with Nagpur South and the Rotary Club of Glenn Eira. 
Thank you to all those who contributed this week.
Please send contributions to;