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May 31, 2019
Warrnambool Central change-over dinner.
Jun 29, 2019
Grampians Camping Weekend
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Oct 25, 2019 – Oct 27, 2019
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No Wednesday lunch meeting this week.
I am talking to you Boré, Rowan and Potholes.
Meeting Minutes 24 April 2019
I was nervously scanning the venue for guests when Sgt Brendan embarked upon a genie joke. But it was a goodun… an Essendon supporter to whom the genie promises that each of his three wishes will be presented doubly to all Essendon fans. His first to wishes are for $1 million, and then for a Ferrari. Joy and celebration results throughout Bomber Land. Unfortunately for Bombers fans this guy had always wanted to donate a kidney, and this wish too was granted. Good riddance I say, even though I went to the State School at the State School end of Windy Hill.
As a combination of factors including the Easter Break we had only 19 members in attendance. Any visitors?.... Members guests?,.. Members? But even with this white yarding one is reminded of the value of O'Brien time and are very tasty corned beef meal. Well done to the chef. Members were reminded that there is no meeting next Wednesday, with an invitation instead to attend a meeting hosted by daybreak at 6:45 AM on Thursday May Race Day. Dentist extraordinaire and bulletin editor Tony Davies urged us to attend this meeting, noting that he has been to many of them now and thoroughly enjoyed them. See what we can do? The
A reminder too of the Social Sunday at Portland on 5 May. Doug and a couple of other volunteers were available to lay a wreath on behalf of our club at tomorrow's 11 AM ANZAC ceremony.
Tony Davies also issued a REMINDER of our club camping trip to HALL’S GAP on 25 and 26 October! It will be good fun, and although there are plenty of vacancies at the moment, past experience tells us that if people leave it until July or August to book, there may well be no room available. When booking make sure you announce that you are part of our group, so that we will be clumped together, and you will receive the benefit of a group discount.
Les McGrath has done a great job with our Meeting Program but is away for a while, so we are looking for a volunteer to assume that role in his absence. Please see President Lewis if you wouldn't mind taking it on.
Footy tipping report-no surprises. Having taken over the job this year Gary Askew finds himself leading. I suppose there is one surprise in the sense that he isn't leading on his own. President Lewis is right there with him, presumably not having picked Melbourne at all this year.
Fines-an entertaining session was led by Bomber Raymond combined with some fines from the floor. The failure of the new Fines Master system was starkly illustrated when one considers that Bomber had last week exercised his right to anoint this week's fine master,… namely Rowan O'Brien…but Rowan didn't turn up. It was therefore unanimously determined that Rowan shall again be anointed fines master until he finally turns up!
Finally, it was noted that the temperatures in Janick’s home town of Logstor, and Lea’s of Buzet-sur-Baise are now hitting 19 degrees,…passing Warrnambool as we are on the way to Winter. A spontaneous SMS to our two on-Safari inbound exchange students resulted in an instant response accompanied by the two photos published in this bulletin. They are having a fantastic time.
Board nominations invited.
It has been mentioned to me that for some years our club has invited club members to be board members rather than by a process of nominations from the membership as a whole.

My immediate response was to dust off the Club rules which state “not less than one month prior to the elections members may nominate candidates for president, secretary, treasurer and 4 directors. The nominations may be presented by a nominating committee, by members from the floor, or both”

I would argue that the board could serve as a nominating committee, and we are acting within the rules. We have next year’s executive locked in – President (Tim),President elect (Gerard), Secretary (Macca) and Treasurer (Sam).

However, the Board has agreed to invite nominations for other board positions, giving all members an opportunity to nominate someone for board. If we get a surplus of nominations we could have the excitement of an election! We normally have 10 board members, and current board members who I understand are happy to continue are Shane, Tony, James, and Lew. Retiring from the board are Penno and Pip.

Nominations would need to be in writing, and signed by nominator, seconder and accepted by the nominee, and lodged with the Secretary by 2 May.

Camping trip.
Don't forget to book if you have not already.
Contact details to make a booking;
Park Gate Caravan Park Halls Gap.
Bookings – 1800 810 781
Safari snaps.
Robbo has kindly forwarded us these snaps from Lea and Janick.
Charity golf day.
Mark writes;
Warrnambool Central was represented at the recent Port Fairy Rotary Charity Golf Event.
The team battled through gale winds, driving rain to secure 3rd place on the day.
The team - KY, Bull Ant, Robbo & Potholes. (See the picture with Robbo displaying 3 fingers, signifying his 3 team mates carried him).
Tony’s terrible tip.
Want a horse racing tip from someone who knows nothing about horse racing?  The mighty Vassa Blue is running in the second race tomorrow, the Bottle-O handicap.  His* form leading into the race has been ordinary, he has drawn a terrible barrier and there are sixteen other horses in the race – perfect conditions for sweet odds.  A few dollars each way, and whether you win or lose you might be in a mood to sample the sponsor's product after the race.
*He might be a she, I am not sure.
Glenn Eira Indian Cultural Day.
Earlier this year James, Stu and myself travelled to India as guests of the Rotary Club of Nagpur South.  Joining us on one of these trips was the Lili, the incoming president of the Rotary Club of Glenn Eira.  We have previously run a project with the Nagpur South Rotarians and are now looking to be involved with another project with Nagpur South and the Rotary Club of Glenn Eira. 
Thank you to all those who contributed this week.
Please send contributions to;