Presentation 13th August 2019
The purposes of this club are to pursue the Object of Rotary, carry out successful service projects based on the Five Avenues of Service, contribute to the advancement of Rotary by strengthening membership, support The Rotary Foundation, and develop leaders beyond the club level
Board Directors are responsibility for: 
Elected to Club Board with the responsibility of assisting Board members in making decisions that are in the best interest of the overall club.
In addition, each Director is given a “portfolio” of one of the “5 Avenues of Service”
International, Community, Club, Vocational, Youth.
According to an Enactment of the Council on Legislation, one Director make be responsibility for The Rotary Foundation.
To promote,  To education,  Encourage support for T.R.F.
To many, when they hear T.R.F. mentioned, all they hear is
“Give me your money.” Which is important and I’ll ask for that too, but it is a GREAT SCOUCE of funding for service projects.
There is a breakdown of where the money has distributed ending June 2018.
Reasons why we should support OUR Foundation:
Rotary has the power to change lives but that can only happen if WE do it.
Rotary is not a social club – we are an organisation based of friendship but with the obligation of taking action on our world’s most persistent issues. Rotary’s 35,000+ clubs work together to:
  • Promote peace
  • Fight disease
  • Provide clean water, sanitation, and hygiene
  • Save mothers and children
  • Support education
  • Grow local economies
It was an Australia who got Rotary involved in the eradication of Polio program.
You could get involved with
These actions will bring about change.
Think about the work our club has done in the past, how many lives we have touched in various ways.
We all should be proud of our efforts and should be shouting this from the roof tops.
Simply put – congratulations to everyone who have participated in various projects, no matter how small, you have had some impact on someone.