Pride of Workmanship

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What are they?
The Rotary Club of Horsham East has proudly conducted the Joe Freijah Pride of Workmanship Awards annually, for many years. They have become a highlight of the Club's annual calendar as well as a source of recognition for individuals demonstrating pride of excellence in their place of employment.

In many businesses it is difficult to single out individuals amongst a group of high performers, so the Club has expanded the award categories to include the opportunity to nominate teams as well as individuals. The team category allows for groups of people to be nominated. A team must comprise at least 3 people who work for the organisation - it may be the entire workforce or a smaller subset within the organisation.

These awards acknowledge a pursuit of excellence by an employee (and now a team) in a work place. They consist of a certificate together with a plaque, presented at a regular club dinner meeting, this year on Wednesday June 24th.

How can these awards benefit your business?
By nominating a valued employee or team for an award you are endorsing and affirming a demonstrated pursuit of excellence in work practices.

What is the selection criteria for the award?

  • Demonstrated pursuit of excellence in work practices,
  • Approach to work tasks and fellow workers,
  • Standard of service delivery,
  • Quality of personal attributes.

Who can nominate someone?
An employer or a member of the public is welcome to submit a nomination form.

How to nominate?
Forms detailing the selection criteria will be available for download at this website prior to the next round of awards in 2010:

When do applications close?
2011 awards: To be advised.
Help us to encourage "Pride of Workmanship" in our community!