On 28th of June our club and kindred organisations gathered at the Horsham Golf Club to celebrate the Rotary Club of Horsham East Inc. 2017-2018 years.   During the year the cub continued to be involved in local, district and international Rotary projects.  We became involved in the sayNo2familyviolence campaign which was commenced by the Rotary Club of Maryborough.  Outgoing President Steve Holmes said, I could list the differences that Rotary is making this year and the years dating back to the beginning in 1905, which would take all the pages available in this annual report. Rotary makes a difference locally in our community, within our district and both nationally and internationally with a combined effort of the 1.2 million Rotarians wide world.
To me the real difference that Rotary is making is the in the people who join Rotary, in taking them out of their comfort zone, from their working life and home life, making them better people to service their community. Rotary gives you skills in public speaking, conducting an effective meeting and managing projects along with the people involved. It has been said that organizing volunteers is akin to herding cats but preserving with this task can help appreciate other people’s abilities and gain the most from their volunteer hours. The difference Rotary makes in your life will depend how much you commit to Rotary.
President Geoff Eagle was inducted as the club’s president for 2018-2019.