Bruno Callori Young Artist Mentorship Program
In 2011, The Rotary Club of Drysdale worked with Bellarine Secondary College and Geelong High School to exhibit Year 11 students art at the Club's Easter Art Show.  Exhibits were judged and 6 awards, sponsored by Lisa Neville MP, were presented to the successful students at the launch of the Easter Art Show. In partnership with local artists, Bruno Callori and Jill Shalless, the Rotary Club of Drysdale also selected two other students from the exhibition who were mentored during 2011 & 2012, in preparation for their VCE Art Folio. The two selected students exhibited their work in the following year’s Easter Art Show.

During 2013 our inaugural mentor Bruno Callori passed away after a very short illness. In memory of our esteemed friend and benefactor we have renamed this Program, The Bruno Callori Young Artist Mentorship Program. Our other inaugural mentor Jill Shalless, continues to be the main mentor but also invites other artists to assist with the workshops.
The Program now covers four Geelong schools, in addition to Bellarine Secondary College and Geelong High School we now also have Christian College and Newcomb Secondary College participating in the Young Artist Mentorship Program. Assisting in covering costs of the program are sponsors Bendigo Community Bank in Drysdale, Lisa Neville MP and the Rotary Club of Drysdale. Recently a member of the public also has become a contributor to the program but wishes to remain anonymous.
The program has two main objectives:
  1. Connecting and building community
  • Year 11 students participating in this highly respected Art Show will have opportunity to exhibit, receive an award and sell their work.
  • By encouraging youth to showcase their talents, they will have opportunity to interact with older generations on a shared interest, thus building a network of understanding.
  • The Geelong Community will have the opportunity to appreciate, acknowledge and celebrate the artistic talents of our youth.
  • Partnership and collaboration between a Service Club, Schools and local artists will serve to strengthen and build resilience, respect in our community and promote citizenship.
  1. Encouraging skills development
  • Career pathway & striving for excellence
  • Learning out of the school environment
  • Interacting with artists who are making a living from their Art
  • Techniques required in preparation for their Year 12 Folio, hence fostering excellence.
  • Inclusion in their professional resume
  • Experience on exhibiting and setting up for an Art Show
Bruno Callori Mentorship Programme 2017 Award Winners
Bellarine Secondary College
Mentorship: Eliza Chasemore.
Highly Commended: Isabel Bateman-Vennings.
Highly Commended: Eilish Watson.
Encouragement Award: Ebony Chamberlain.
Newcomb Secondary College
Mentorship: Laquisha Addison.
Highly Commended: Tori Aufdemberge.
Christian College
Mentorship: Ella Carroll.
Highly Commended: Genevieve Catherine Pop.
Encouragement Award: Petra Moon Crosby.
Encouragement Award: Montana Charlotte Green.
Geelong High School
Mentorship: Hannah Metwally.
Highly Commended: Angelo Flaminiano.
Highly Commended: Riley O'Connor.
Encouragement Award: Gloria Kennedy.
Previous Winners
Year Geelong High School Bellarine Secondary Christian College Newcomb Secondary
2017 Hannah Metwally Eliza Chasemore Ella Carroll Laquisha Addison
2016 --- Holly Montgomery Connor Firth / Oscar Edington Grace Blackney
2015 Alannah Maier Harley Olsen Albany Flannagan Brad Kiddle
2014 Courtney O'Reilly Aaron Ford Jack Grayson Mitchell Allen
2013 Quinn Marsh Aaron Cook Molly Burrage Dayna Benson
2012 Todd Powell Myles Cody Kate Bishop Ryan Siemienowicz
2011 Wayan Vassilopoulos Courtney Wassell --- ---