The Rotary Club of Drysdale Annual Easter Art Show has brought artists and art-lovers together every Easter for four decades. 
It is the premier display of paintings in the Geelong region.

More than 500 paintings are exhibited each Easter by renowned
artists, ambitious newcomers and all those in between.


The Art Display Boards were designed, built and are maintained
by the Rotary Club of Drysdale specifically for showing
these paintings to their best advantage. 
These Display Boards are available for hire to other exhibitions and displays.
The Rotary Club of Drysdale has two custom-built twin-axle trailers, each is used to transport 20 display boards and associated stands.

Each Art Board is 3m long by 1.2m high. The bottom edge of the Art Board, when mounted on the stand, is 1m above the floor.

For inquiries about hiring the equipment contact: Caroline Rickard, phone 0408 989 221 or e-mail