The Rotary Club of Belmont founded in 1964 is a disparate group of some thirty odd volunteers bound together by the ideals of Rotary.  Through the work that we do and the funds that are raised and distributed we not only want to make a difference but also to be the inspiration to open doors to create better communities wherever we interact.
From our weekly BBQ’s and Sausage sizzles where we have a presence in the High St amongst the shoppers and watchers; to the annual Trailer Raffle, Charity Meals, and fun nights where our supporters (corporate and personal) assist the fundraising efforts that  support our community projects.  To the training and development of our team we are continually looking to improve our capabilities and extend the scope of our involvement.
Our members cover a wide range of skills, professions and age groups and it is fair to say that we could always use additional members and support so that the vitality and focus is maintained.