One of the goals of Rotary is to make our world a better, “cleaner” place. “The environment is a priority and while we work around the world bringing clean water and sanitation to developing countries, we also work locally to “clean-up” our community” said BEL Rotary President Tony Davidson.
Last Saturday members of the BEL Club met in Rotary Park for the annual spring clean-up (postponed from April due to the pandemic). They maintained social distance and divided to clean up neighboring roads, the Rotary Trail and surrounding area. The youngest group was the Tryan/Murray clan, led by Rotarian Marylou Tryan and included her grandchildren Kara, Katie and Michael Murray. “Kids are never too young to learn the value of our environment and doing our bit to keep it safe and healthy” said Tryan. “The kids were very proud of doing their part and very meticulous about every little piece of litter they picked up”.

Rotary Park has been developed and maintained by BEL Rotary for the past 30 years. The boat ramp is used by local residents and visitors alike and the gazebo provides a place for a quiet picnic. Saturday the park was in full swing as people enjoyed the wonderful weather and family time together. Thank you to everyone who joined us to make a difference in our community!