President Brad Filman opened our meeting giving a toast to France, Brazil, Canada and Rotary International.  Ruth Kuchinad led us in the 4-Way test, Girv Devitt gave the blessing and John Taylor introduced our guests.

Tonight our guests were: Dave Woodside, from Havelock Club, Tom Robinson, Alicia Kinset, our YE outbound, Jennifer Tworkowski, Peterborough Club and Robert Pye & Don Watkins from the Kawartha Club.

President’s Business

The Rotary Club of Midland has pledged DG Brian & Dorothy and Sue Davidson $160 for the Polar Plunge.  DG Brian has asked each club to commit at least $100 to support their Plunge for Polio Plus.

Rotary Information

Sue Davidson shared an e-mail from our outbound YE student Jennifer Heffernan in Brazil.  She’s now at her 2nd host home but misses hockey and snow.

George Currie is now home and will be happy to have visitors next week.

DG training in California this year has emphasized “Service above Self” but with a modern spin.  The theme for the Rotary year 2012-13 will be “Peace through Service”.

Speaker: Sue introduced Richard Onley, from the Muskoka Club, brother of our Lt. Governor, District Treasurer and Trent University grad. 

Richard spoke about the District’s Mentorship Program, which is to assist people with disabilities to build networks in terms of employment.  Disabled folks are now the largest minority group in Ontario and their unemployment rate is 25%. The greatest difficulty is with the myths and stereotypes around their inability to obtain jobs.

Bryn Styles, new RI Director will be carrying this project forward and RI is supporting it with $400,000 already.

A Club applies and is matched with mentees.  Mentees come from service providers in the community and the commitment for Rotarians can vary.  The program can happen on a 1-1 basis, on-line discussion groups or by e-mail.  If you’d like to be involved, go to .  Either a Club or an individual can express interest. 

Announcements:  President Brad received a $1000 donation from Glenn Windrem for the Polar Plunge.

Dave Woodside announced his Havelock Club will be hosting a Robbie Burns dinner as a fund raiser on March 3rd , 6:30 pm at the Lions Hall in Havelock.  The dinner will be organized by The Renfrew Scotland Rotary Club and will be funding the two clubs’ Motorcycle Ambulance Project.  Tickets are $35 per person.

Chris Tworkowski mentioned that the BEL Rotary Bridgenorth Trail which we help fund has been mentioned in Nature Peterborough.

Tony Davidson gave a shout out to Ruth Kuchinad for organizing the Chamber of Commerce After 5 event last week.

He also spoke about the Polar Plunge upcoming on Sunday, Feb 5th.  Folks are asked to attend on Sat, Feb 4th from 9-12 and Sunday from 8 am onwards.  We will not have snow bleachers this year, due to no snow and we will attempt to keep spectators off the ice.  He stressed that members need to be there for the duration to make sure everything is returned to its previous state.

Spence Tucker spoke about Jim Woodside not being there for the first time due to his intolerance of the cold.  We urged his son Dave to attend in his place.


Feb 5th            Rotary Park Ennismore                      Polar Plunge

Feb 6th            Chemong Lodge, 6:30 pm                  Debrief from Polar Plunge - Reg Downs- Speaker Dr. Elwood Jones, TVA

Feb 13             Chemong Lodge, 6:30                        Bob Fawcett

Feb 20             NO MEETING                                   FAMILY DAY

Feb 27             Chemong Lodge, 6:30                        Tony Davidson - Polar Plunge Thank You Dinner