Twenty-eight team members, 11 distributions, 1333 bicycles: the gift of an education!


Rotarians Girv and Cheryl Devitt and Susan and Tony Davidson have returned from Cambodia, the site of the distribution of 1333 bicycles to rural children who otherwise would not have access to the so desperately needed education. January 28 to February 16th marked the third Rotary bicycle distribution trip to Cambodia: the largest distribution group to date with 28 participants – Rotarians and Friends – from across Rotary District 7010. BEL Rotary members Girv Devitt (and wife Cheryl) and Susan and Tony Davidson are part of this team.  This was the "opportunity of a lifetime" said Davidson and the team saw first hand the devastating effects of the Khmer Rouge regime of the late 70s and the rebuilding that the country is undergoing.  The commitment to education is sincere and strong but the access is difficult.  The bicycles will provide rural children with that access, the means to get to school.  This is truly the gift of an education and made possible thanks to the generosity of the community and friends and family.