In 2016, the BEL Rotary Club built the second classroom at the Rotary School of Cambodia and much has changed. Thanks to the work of our partners at Trent University, our teacher Sophea has grown in both his teaching ability and his facility with the English language. The children are learning to read, write and speak English more than we ever imagined. Sophea’s wife has a successful home sewing  business and four other women from the community also have home sewing businesses. During this time when awareness of our health is heightened by the spread of COVID 19, many children in Cambodia continue to live with the reality of drinking non potable water. Thanks to the installation of the water filter system and the hand washing station, children can come to the school and get safe drinking water and have a place where they can wash their hands. All of this will go a long way in keeping the children safe and healthy. Thank you to everyone who has made this a reality. For more information about the work of BEL Rotary visit our website