The RI Strategic Plan S trategic planning helps organizations develop a long-range vision and establish goals. At Rotary International, it is a continual and evolving process, regularly monitored by the Strategic Planning Committee and the RI Board of Directors. This is a changing world, and we must change with it. Rotary founder Paul Harris In 2009, the Board conducted an extensive review of the RI Strategic Plan. This review included surveying 14,000 Rotarians worldwide about the organization's priorities, conducting focus groups to assess Rotary's image in different countries, and analyzing other data and research. The revised plan, effective 1 July 2010, reflects the results of this research and also unifies the strategic direction of RI and The Rotary Foundation . Clubs and districts can use the three priorities in the RI Strategic Plan as a basis for developing their own plans, tailoring them to their size, the varied skills of their membership, and the needs of the communities in which they serve.