What We Do       
We have fun getting together on a weekly basis to learn about our local and global communities and to set plans in motion to fulfil our motto:
Helping Near, Helping Afar
Our recent Helping Near projects include:
  • BEAR (Be Excited About Reading) Program - Where volunteers read to school age children
  • Books for a literacy campaign for pre-school children (1000 by 5 Program)
  • Books and volunteer support for a literacy project for First Nations children
  • Supporting aboriginal youth in rugby
  • Scholarships for local Royal Roads University students
  • Scholarships for local secondary students at Belmont and Royal Bay
  • Bursaries for young single moms
  • Fundraising for the construction of the WestShore Rec Centre Childrens Park
  • Volunteer and financial Food Bank support
  • Supporting immigrant children in taking art classes
  • Financial support for an Anti-bullying campaign in local schools
  • Volunteer and financial support for the Salvation Army’s WestShore Community Christmas Dinner
  • Volunteer support for WestShore community events (parades, Easter Egg Hunt, etc.)
Our recent Helping Afar projects include:
  • Supporting an orphanage of 55 children in Haiti
  • Scholarships for two girls to a high school we helped found in Malawi
  • Disaster relief tents
  • Financial support for a school water well in Malawi
  • Text books for a school in Uganda
  • Financial support for a school water well in Uganda
  • Financial support for a school in Rwanda
  • Financial support for a Mothers’ education program in Bangladesh
  • Financial support for disaster aid to the Philippines