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Dec 20, 2018
Christmas Program
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As of 11/27/18, the Board approved the membership application of Erin Midcap.   This notification begins the two-week circulation period.  Erin will be eligible for induction by December 13, 2018. 
Erin is the Community Relations Director at Windsong.   Please say hello to Erin and help her feel welcome to the Club!  
Program – State Senator John Cooke (R), Senate District 13
Last week we were joined by State Senator John Cooke.  Senator Cooke is often referred to as "Sheriff" in the capital building, referencing his time as the Weld County Sheriff.  Senator Cooke serves on and chairs many committees in the Colorado Senate.  John joined our club to give a recap of the recent elections from his perspective, which include facts and some personal views.  Our club is not supporting or opposing any of the observations provided, but the presentation was meant to be informative with insight from an elected official.
Senator Cooke observed that it was as if President Trump was on the ballot, straight down the ballot it was a more partisan election than what we have experienced before.  From a Republican perspective, the amendment results followed what the party was anticipating but the candidates of the party lost in a big way.  As our former Weld County Sheriff, Sen. Cooke noted that relative unknowns in the law enforcement community unseated a couple of popular and respected Republican sheriffs.
Sen. Cooke was pleased with the passing of Amendments Y and Z, which dealt with gerrymandering and re-districting.  He stated that in the past both Republicans and Democrats drew up proposed maps and a single judge would choose one of the maps.  It was noted that the last two accepted maps were proposed by the Democrats.
It is likely that the newly elected house, senate, and governor will bring about and try to pass legislation that is in opposition to the will of the people.  One example could be the 2500 foot setback that was defeated in Amendment 112, could potentially turn into a 2000 foot setback, which would essentially have the same effect and stifle our energy industry.  It was noted that the energy industry occupies about 44% of office space in downtown Denver, so would not just effect rural communities.  Sen. Cooke hopes that he senate will be able to work across the isle to defeat such a measure.
While voters must approve taxes, Sen. Cooke cautions that the legislature can impose fees.  These could arise in support of educations or other issues with funding needs.  Fees could also potentially be levied in areas to try and fund single payer healthcare.  We can also expect a lot of legislation focused on gun control with fees that could be assessed on ammunition.  These are just a few hot topics Sen. Cooke could be at the forefront of this newly elected state legislature.
Sen. Cooke discussed a little about funding for the most recent elections.  He noted that Democrats running for office outpaced Republican candidates by approximately $30million, $36million to roughly $6.5million.  This was in line with the national trend, with Democrats outspending Republicans by $330million.  The voting turnout for registered Democrats and unaffiliated voters followed the funding numbers as they both had record turnout for a mid-term election.
Our club would like to thank Senator Cooke for joining us and for his service to Colorado, Weld County, and our community.
This week we will be DARK. 
Please enjoy time with friends and family this Thanksgiving!
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If you are interested in what our outbound exchange student Kendall Gilliland is up to you can visit her website at kendall-renae.com
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