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Judy Hicks introduced our speakers last week.  Sending children and young adults to RYLA and Young RYLA is her favorite part of Rotary.  The four clubs in Greeley interviewed 85 kids and had to make the tough decision on who to send to RYLA and Young RYLA. 

RYLA and Young RYLA recap:
The Greeley Centennial Rotary club sent 9 kids to RYLA and 6 kids to Young RYLA.  Citywide, Rotarians sent 26 to RYLA and 13 to Young RYLA.  Four additional spots were secured through other Rotary clubs in the district that did not have students to send.

Neilly Rodriguez spoke first and introduced her mother Angelic Rodriguez and her sister Dijia.  What surprised Neilly the most was learning that there were 200 young adults at RYLA and meeting so many great people in a great atmosphere.  What challenged her at RYLA was a discussion at night.  She came out of her comfort zone and was able to share stories that resonated with the group. The greatest impact on Neilly was starting out as strangers and getting to know each other through teamwork.  She has changed and can now see situations through different perspectives.

Acadia Neil told us about her experience at Young RYLA.  What impacted her the most was all the people she met.  They were great and she really got to know some of them.  She introduced her mom Becca.  One of the main things she learned was integrity.  She learned that leading is also listening not just speaking.

Ben Williams was next and introduced his father Bob Williams.  The most surprising experience for Ben at RYLA was getting to know everyone.  He realized that everyone has their own struggles but we need to come together to help each other out.  Challenges that pushed Ben out of his comfort zone was an activity where he was blindfolded.  He was guided by someone to complete a task.  The most difficult part was putting trust into someone else to accomplish the task in such a vulnerable state.  Ben has now found a leadership role inside of him that was waiting to come out.  He is now a better public speaker and has increased his confidence level.  

Ben’s brother Alex Williams spoke next.  His father is also Bob Williams.  The most surprising part about Young RYLA was the good friends he met in 5 days.  Alex’s biggest challenge was to take charge in a situation he was not prepared for. The biggest impact on him was getting out of his comfort zone and speaking with people he never met. 

Klara Cordova shared her experience at RYLA next.  She introduced her mother Karla.  The most surprising experience for her was how upbeat and excited everyone was about RYLA.  What challenged Klara the most was stepping out of her comfort zone and sharing her experiences with a group of strangers and still feeling comfortable.  The greatest impact on her was the “We are all in this together” activity.  The conference comes together and there is a discussion on how we all have struggles, but we need to support one another.  To treat each other with respect because we never know what someone is going through.  RYLA was one of the best experiences of her life.

Brayden spoke RYLA and introduced her boyfriend Dom.  She was surprised by how close she became with her peers and keeps in contact with 10 people.  Her biggest take away was knowing when to step down as a leader and to start listening instead of speaking.  She thinks about the Rotary 4-Way test constantly.  She would like to get involved in the community and be a Rotarian one day.

Clair Lindenmeyer attended Young RYLA but was unable to speak at our meeting.  Clair submitted a letter in which stated she learned about herself, met new friends and about the world around her.  Her favorited activity was Oompa Loompa.  She was terrified because she got blindfolded and had to put trust in her team to accomplish their task.  She learned to trust her team and her instincts.  Young RYLA helps the world enormously and she would like to thank the organizers.

Thanks to Romia, Ryan and Jonathan for conducting fundraising for RYLA by organizing the cornhole tournament.  Judy would like to thank RYLA senior counselors Norm and Ted, Young RYLA senior counselors Doug and Enita. 

Eighty-Three slots at RYLA went unused in the region.  Please get the word out to high schools so we can have all the RYLA slots filled.  There is a big demand for kids to go to Young RYLA.  500 kids applied to go to Young RYLA and there were only 288 slots. There is discussion to expand Young RYLA but there is a need for senior counselors. Please consider volunteering. 
Our meeting on August 29th will be at the AIMS Community College Cornerstone Conference Center starting at the normal time.  You may park in Lot B directly across the water tower on 20th Street and enter through the front doors in the main building.
Our time at the County Club is coming to an end in November.  We are having complications getting a caterer and a location big enough to host our club.  If you have input or ideas on where we can host our meetings, please speak to our club president or any member of the board. 
Edward Jones is the sponsor of the Greeley Centennial Rotary Club for August.  Thanks for your support!
Abhishek “Avi” Kumar - 3 years; Joined August 18th, 2016
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