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April 14 2021
Apr 21, 2021 12:00 PM
Lions Gift of Sight: The Past, Present and Future of Eye Banking
Apr 28, 2021 12:00 PM
Piercing the Silence: Unearthing Family Secrets & Holocaust Memories Through Music
May 05, 2021 12:00 PM
Health Equity and the Pandemic
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April 28  Cristina, Lori, Lori
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*Bob M announced that Lolla Nur has joined the club as an affiliate member. She is a 2012 U of MN graduate and is working as a journalist covering the State Legislature.  She is interested in learning about Rotary’s work in conflict resolution and racial justice.  Welcome Lolla!
*The Rotary District conference is Saturday, May 1 in Brooklyn Park.  You can attend by Zoom for $25 or in person for $35.  Social distancing will be observed for in person.
*The Minneapolis University Rotary club meetings will follow CDC and local guidelines for resuming in person meetings.
*The Board reviewed the results of the club member’s survey regarding the format for club meetings.  This information will be distributed to the club members soon.
*The next club board meeting will be May 12 at 10:30 on zoom.
Cristina shared this poem with the club.
America is Loving Me to Death 
America is loving me to death, loving me to death slowly, and I
Mainly try not to be disappeared here, knowing she won’t pledge
Even tolerance in return. Dear God, I can’t offer allegiance.
Right now, 400 years ago, far into the future―it’s difficult to
Ignore or forgive how despised I am and have been in the
Centuries I’ve been here—despised in the design of the flag
And in the fealty it demands (lest I be made an example of).
In America there’s one winning story—no adaptations. The
Story imagines a noble, grand progress where we’re all united.
Like truths are as self-evident as the Declaration states.
Or like they would be if not for detractors like me, the ranks of
Vagabonds existing to point out what’s rotten in America,
Insisting her gains come at a cost, reminding her who pays, and
Negating wild notions of exceptionalism—adding ugly facts to
God’s-favorite-nation mythology. Look, victors get spoils; I know the
Memories of the vanquished fade away. I hear the enduring republic,
Erect and proud, asking through ravenous teeth Who do you riot for?
Tamir? Sandra? Medgar? George? Breonna? Elijah? Philando? Eric? Which
One? Like it can’t be all of them. Like it can’t be the entirety of it:
Destroyed brown bodies, dismantled homes, so demolition stands
Even as my fidelity falls, as it must. She erases my reason too, allows one
Answer to her only loyalty test: yes or no, Michael, do you love this nation?
Then hates me for saying I can’t, for not burying myself under
Her fables where we’re one, indivisible, free, just, under God, her God.
*Erin B thanked Carol S for her support by providing books and helping create teacher training for Africa Strong.
*Carole P bragged that they got solar panels on their roof.
*Jean W bragged that she had a good vacation in San Felipe Mexico this winter.  She submitted the final report for the global grant of over $100,000 for cataract surgeries in San Felipe.  The results exceeded goals.  110 cataract surgeries were performed and 151 other eye surgeries which included 82 pterygium removal surgeries.   She also assisted with the San Felipe Hearing grant by moving the equipment to the clinic where this project will continue.
*Erik VK bragged that he will be a speaker at a friend’s formal retirement event in The Netherlands in June.  He will be speaking after the Dutch Royal Family presentation.   
*Carol S bragged that the Virtual Food Drive for The Food Group is doing well.  We are almost at our goal of $5,000.  (After the meeting, members contributed, and the goal has been met).  You can contribute by going to our Mpls University Rotary website.
TODAY'S SPEAKER - Talia Miracle - The Food Group
Talia explained that The Food Group is a local non-profit that focuses on nutritious food to strengthen community.
They work in three areas 1.  hunger relief- 200 food shelves, 2.  affordable grocery-traveling grocery store and mobile market, and 3.  growing food- offer organic and sustainable agriculture education for farmers who have historically been underrepresented in farm ownership.  They are in 30 counties in MN and WI and have been in operation for 40 years.  In 2020 they distributed 11.8 million pounds of food by working with 250 partner organizations.  The needs were 2-4 times more in 2020 than previous years.  Seniors are the fastest growing group of food shelf users. 
Minneapolis University Rotary worked with Talia to establish a Virtual Food Drive with proceeds going to the Community Bridge Food Shelf run by LSS in the Phillips neighborhood and the Simpson Food Pantry serving the Whittier community.  She thanked our club for raising $4,899 for hunger relief and for Carol Skulstad for making this project successful.       
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