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October 28, 2020
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Striving for Digital Equality
Nov 11, 2020 12:00 PM
Both/And, not Either/Or
Nov 18, 2020
Building Community and Health Equity Through Food Forests
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Erik reported on the Club Board meeting decision to have online dues payments.  He will look into setting this up. 
The next Club Board meeting will be Wednesday, December 16 at 10:30.
Erik will be out of town next week.  Jerry Y will lead the meeting.
Erik reminded members to pay their dues to our treasurer, Mike Nation.  His address in on your club runner bill.
Carole P said she delivered 5 dozen stocking caps and 5 dozen pair of gloves to the Seward Montessori school through the Rotary Warm Hands, Warm Heads, Warm Heart project.  This is a project we have supported annually.
Mark Ritchie will be a speaker at the Edina Rotary noon club on the topic of MN Global.  The content of the talk is how to welcome people to MN and the benefits of our welcome.  He promoted the Mall of America exhibit featuring MN farmers feeding Belgium children in the 1940's.  


Bob M followed up on Mark's comment saying he was at the MOA exhibit and it was very moving.  We should all view it.
Erik said he is going to Texas to visit friends and hoping to stop in Louisiana to visit friends who are now battling their third hurricane.
Carole P commented that she hopes voter turnout is great.  Please vote.  Pray for calm after the election.
Jean bragged about a safe and fun trip to Mexico.  She saw the person who was able to receive a kidney due to her kidney donation.  He is doing well.  He gave her a beautiful pearl necklace as a gift.  He said the includes her in his family as every women in his family has one of these pearls.

Member Moment

Sandi Pappas updated us on the legislative infrastructure bill recently passed.  It is a $1.8 billion bill which includes funds for asset preservation of the U of M child development building.   Areas of focus for funding include affordable housing, higher education, safe drinking water, and public safety.  This bill will create jobs for Minnesotans.  Local government will need to do affirmative action in their hiring. $30 million also will go to nonprofits with programs serving people of color.

 Today's Speaker

Patti Lazarus presented information on her job as End of Life Doula.  She stated that we take great care in planning births, but not death. The goal is to talk about death and take the mystery out of it.  

A doula spends time with the person before they are actively dying.  They do focused listening on what's important and how that person wants to be remembered.  This can involve painting pictures, writing letters to people important in their life, etc.  The purpose is to get back control and plan the end.  Items such as where do you want to die, who do you want to be with you,  what rituals are important are discussed and the doula will work to make these desires happen.  The doula also talks with family.  

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