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January 27, 2021
Feb 10, 2021 12:00 PM
Self-Empowerment Career Insights from a Triple Minority
Feb 24, 2021
Building Community and Health Equity Through Food Forests
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...Carol Skulstad on Feb. 24
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*  We welcomed guests to our Zoom meeting from Sweden and Ethiopia, as well as Mexico, California and Alabama.
* We will celebrate our club's 30-year anniversary next Wed., Feb. 3, noon to 1:15 by Zoom.  Social time will begin at 11:45 and continue after the meeting.  Past and prospective members welcome!  Wear your Rotary shirts if you have them!
*  Please visit our new and improved Mpls University Rotary website.  It is full of information about our club and links for donations to our club foundation and the virtual food drive supporting Minneapolis food shelves.
A Member Moment With....
a member moment returns Feb. 27.
Brag-a-buck donations support the work of our foundation and can be mailed to Mpls University Rotary, c/o The Graduate Hotel, 414 Washington Av SE, Minneapolis MN 55439.
* President Erik is looking forward to our celebration next week.  Our club was founded Feb. 1, 1991.
*Mahmood welcomed our guests from abroad, noting his long career teaching international students at the U of MN.
*Mark noted a successful UNESCO International Day of Education last weekend highlighting the need for quality education for vulnerable populations.  And he bragged of Sejila Ceric (guest) who helped bring the Ethiopian prime minister to the Twin Cities in 2018.
*Jerry bragged about the video Bob M showed at the beginning of today's meeting.  It was created by Bob's daughter and made a compelling case, with music and photos, for justice for all.
* Erin congratulated Mark on the International Day of Education symposium which she participated in.
TODAY'S SPEAKER - Tsehai Wodajo
Executive Director, Resources for Enriching African Lives
Tsehai Wodajo founded the nonprofit organization Resources for Enriching African Lives in 2004 with the objective  of educating and empowering girls in her native country of Ethiopia.  Ms. Wodajo highlighted statistics showing the high rates of child marriage and low rates of education among girls in Ethiopia.  The Covid-19 pandemic has worsened these conditions.
Ms. Wodajo described the model employed by REAL on the ground in Ethiopia, with mentors and local committees at eight sites.  She introduced a young woman who, with the guidance of REAL, received her education and is now a REAL program manager.   We heard how profoundly her life has changed and the impact the program is having on society at large.
Ms. Wodajo works for Hennepin County, while serving as REAL's executive director.   Her goal is to expand REAL to serve 10,000 girls across Africa by 2025.  She hopes to raise $50,000 by April 2021 to take REAL to the next level.  We are invited to a fund-raiser and Virtual Coffee event (Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee!) on March 13 at 10 a.m.  For more information and to register, please visit
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