Apr 29, 2020
CWD in Minnesota and Advanced Diagnostic Testing at the University of Minnesota
May 06, 2020
Developing Haiti with Sustainable Clean Water and Sanitation
May 13, 2020
Lifecycle of a Graduate Student: 6 yeras in 30 minutes
May 20, 2020
Addressing Social Determinants of Health, The development of and research on TC Mobile Market Impact
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MURC Member Weekly Assignments
Date: Greeter/Note-taker/Editor

April 29 Carol CH/Carol S/Jean

May 6 Sandy/Carole P/Kriti

May 13 Chuck/Jean/Jean

May 20 Erik/Ferd/Kriti

June 3 Carole P/Virginia/Lori

June 10 Ellen/Jean/Jean

June 17 End of Year Event

June 24 Bob/Carol CH/Lori




Russell Hampton
ClubRunner Mobile
Warm welcome back to former member Chuck Slocum and to Clint joining all the way from Seattle.
Kriti's Farewell Happy Hour Party by ZOOM : Sat. May 2nd, 4 - 6 PM. Virtual Graduation at UMN - May 16th 11am.
District Assembly Meeting: (Sat. Apr 18th) Attended by Carol Cline-Hedblom, Carole Peterson and Jean Westberg. Carol C summarized the Public Image, Foundation and Membership focus of the meeting. Two take home messages were: Take club photos that have inherent action. (C C-H). Identify creative risks to accomplishing goals; for example, occasional Zoom meetings that support donations of money spent on food to charity. (C P)
University of Minnesota Services Foundation Board is open for new members. If you are interested please contact Ellen Kennedy.
Chuck Goldberg is Walking, using takeout, staying sheltered. (by Jerry Yanz).
Carole Peterson complimented the weather, Virginia Brooke cardinals at the birdfeeder.
Erik v Kuijk reported a UM study on Zinc as an investigative treatment for COVID-19.
Ferd Peters described a walking trip from the Stillwater Depot on Brown’s Creek trail.
Lou & Allan Burdick are careful on elevators, shopping 1 x week, and walking.
Kriti Agarwal excited that today’s topic MAD DADS in Kriti’s native language means “help.”
Mike Nation received more checks than invoices.
Words of Inspiration
Imagine with me for a moment-
don't worry, I'm not saying it's real.
Imagine, if you can, that there has been
not a calamity, but a great awakening.
Pretend, just for a moment, that we all so loved our threatened earth
that we stopped going on cruises,
limited international flights,
worked on cherishing the places
where we already are.
In this pretty fantasy, everyone who possibly can
stops commuting. Spends the extra time
with their kids or pets or garden.
We have the revelation that everyone
needs health care, sick leave, steady work.
It occurs to us that health care workers
are heroes. Also teachers.
Not to mention the artists of all kinds
who teach us resilience and joy.
Imagine, if you will.
that we turned to our neighbors
in mutual aid, trading eggs for milk,
checking in on those who are elderly
or alone. Imagine that each of us
felt suddenly called to wonder
In this moment, what does the world
need from me? What are my gifts?
Yes, I know, it's just a fantasy.
The world could never change
so radically overnight.
But imagine. 
- Lynn Ungar
Today's Speaker
Speaker: VJ Smith, President MAD DADs-Men against Destruction, Defending against Drugs & Social Disorder. 
Title: Violence prevention; how men in a community reduce crime.
VJ spoke from Broadway while taking a break from handing out masks and gloves. VJ calls himself a HOPE dealer based on his own transformation.
MAD DADs started in 1989 using strategies to engage parents in the intervention and prevention of community problems to restore safe communities and healthy families. MAD DADs partner with various organizations to address safety and education including Parenting groups for men and women, Day Care to nurture children, intervention and support of Kids in classrooms, food to address crime, transportation safety through Peace Buses and Trains, street patrols, youth development through Boy Scouts…
Since 2017 87,000 families have been served and since 1998 1,000,000 volunteer hours have been provided to prevent violence.
Special Message:
Earth DAY- 50th Anniversary.
“When one tugs at a single thing in nature he finds it attached to the rest of the world.” -John Muir