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May 5 2021
May 12, 2021 12:00 PM
I Can See - Cataract Surgeries in San Felipe Mexico
Jun 02, 2021 12:00 PM
Discussion with Rotarians from the Rotary Club Mbarara
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The End of the Year Rotary Party has been moved to Wednesday, August 18 with the plan to be gathering in person.  An outdoor location will be pursued for a late afternoon gathering.  Awards for the Rotarian of the year and Citizen of the year will be presented at that event. 
June 2 meeting speaker will be Erin B.  She will be in Uganda and connecting with us from there and sharing the work she is doing with Africa Strong Inc. 
The club officers for 2021-22 were presented to the club membership.  All approved these leaders for the next Rotary year.  There is an opening for President Elect for 2021-22.
Carole P bragged that her son from Silicon Valley is visiting them.  She will be driving back with him to California on Friday.  She thanked Jerry for help setting up the zoom meeting today.  She also commented after Jerry’s story that her son is eyeing her husband’s electric bike with interest.
Mahmood Z welcomed Carole as leader of today’s meeting and next year’s President.  He also welcomed our speaker Dr Hamlar.
Jerry Y told a story about his 20-mile bike ride.  He started out with his buddies and after 2 miles was having trouble breathing.  This was not normal for him so he sat on the park bench for 5-10 minutes to regain his breath and to decide if he should go back home.  Then he remembered he had changed the bike tire the day before, so he checked his equipment and found that the tire was rubbing on the frame.  He adjusted this, got on his bike again, and had no problem biking the remainder of the 20 miles.  The moral of the story – check your equipment if you are having problems.
Dr Hamlar continued on this story saying when he is in the operating room and the patient is not responding well, their respond is to look at the equipment first.  He then bragged about the Twin Cities Red Cross.  He is on their board and wanted to thank our community for the support given the Red Cross during the Covid issues.  They have been able to meet the metrics they set for the organization.
Dr Bob Margolis introduced Dr Hamlar reminding us that in 2005 we awarded Dr Hamlar the Citizen of the year award for his numerous missions as a flight surgeon in Iraq and Afghanistan as a member of the Minnesota Air National Guard.
Dr Hamlar discussed the need for health equity in our community.  He cited numerous examples of inequity such as the rate of covid vaccinations which have been 95% white population and 2.7% black population when the black population percentage is 6.6%.  He said child poverty in MN for white population is 8% and people of color is 40%, high school graduation rate for white population is 87% and people of color is 52%. Blacks, Hispanics, and Native Americans are dying of covid three times the rate of the White population. 
Dr Hamlar said one way to address theses issues is to train more people of color to be doctors.  Back in 1910 due to a Flexner Report 5 medical schools for blacks were closed—this was when the rulings were to have separate but equal education for blacks.
Blacks are under-represented in medical school.  Dr Hamlar has been working on this at the U of Minnesota.  From 2017 to 2020 the number of Black or African American students in Medical school at the U of M has increased to 74 out of 665 students.  This is 11% and is up from 2% previously. By having more doctors of color in the community, residents can connect with someone like themselves and will take more care of their health. 
Black men have the lowest life expectancy of any ethnic group in the US.  He said one way to improve this was to have Black Men, White Coats. 
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