May 13, 2020
Lifecycle of a Graduate Student: 6 yeras in 30 minutes
May 20, 2020
Addressing Social Determinants of Health, The development of and research on TC Mobile Market Impact
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MURC Member Weekly Assignments
Date: Greeter/Note-taker/Editor

May 13 Chuck/Jean/Jean

May 20 Erik/Ferd/Kriti

June 3 Carole P/Virginia/Lori

June 10 Ellen/Jean/Jean

June 17 End of Year Event

June 24 Bob/Carol CH/Lori




Russell Hampton
ClubRunner Mobile

President Jerry Yanz announced the club will not meet on May 27th due to the Memorial Day weekend.  Please enjoy your living rooms as we continue to shelter in place.

The board of the Minneapolis University Rotary will meet via ZOOM at 10:30 a.m. next Wednesday, May 13.  Jerry will email an agenda.  All are invited to attend.  Our regular club meeting will follow at noon.

We will hold the club end-of-year party on June 17, 4:30-6:30 p.m.  Please email your nominations to Jerry for Rotarian of the Year and Citizen of the Year,

Please let Jerry know if you are interested in the Covid-19 Rotary Surge effort, described in a recent email from D.G. Russ Michaletz.  Volunteers will receive training for telehealth and community health workers to provide outreach and assistance over the phone.

Carol Cline-Hedblom reported on the inaugural meeting of the brand new Rotary Passport Club. Attending the ZOOM meeting were Rotarians from other clubs in our district and from around the world.  The Passport Club joins other ground-breaking clubs, including clubs aimed at military veterans and those interested in the environment.


Jerry congratulated Dr. Kriti Agarwal on successfully defending her dissertation at the U of Mn last week.  Members celebrated with Kriti last Saturday, via ZOOM.

Kriti reported on, and showed photos from, the food banks and cooperative she and her mother have established in India for families in need. 

Amira said she was happy to be back at the club after her absence and congratulated Kriti for her academic accomplishments.  Amira reported on the work she has been doing in the Somali community, including education to warn about the risks of skin lightening creams.

Jean also congratulated Kriti, reported on her daughter Kathryn’s promotion at Target Corp, and showed off tulips from her garden.

Bob welcomed speaker Dale Snyder and referenced the festivities our two clubs shared at the holidays.  Congrats to Kriti.  Bob noted she joins 3 others who have earned their doctorate degrees while at our Rotary club.

Carol C-H congratulated Kriti and welcomed Amira, Clint (in Seattle), Allan Burdick and Dale Perry.

Mike politely reminded everyone to send due$ that are still due to his home address.

Carole thanked everyone for their contributions to the club foundation (brag dollars) and noted that her sister-in-law fell and broke both wrists last weekend. Lesson being “watch your step.”

Words of Inspiration

A Limerick for “Zoom” Times …

Holding meetings on a computer

Instead of being a commuter,

We miss face to face

And long to embrace,

For now we just hope to un-mute her!

—Peggy Soll, Star Tribune 5.2.20

Today's Speaker
Guest Speaker – Dale Snyder, Executive Director, Haiti Outreach
Topic: Developing Haiti with Sustainable Clean Water and Sanitation

Haiti Outreach began in 1997 with the goal of providing sustainable access to clean water in Haiti.  Dale Snyder, Executive Director, described the organization’s ultimate vision of helping to make Haiti a “developed” country.  That will require adequate food and clean water, sanitation, medical care, education and the other building blocks of a functioning nation.  He said Haiti is the least developed of countries in the Western Hemisphere, even though it lies just 600 miles off the Florida coast. 

Mr. Snyder outlined efforts to provide clean water and sanitation through the development of wells and water supplies close to the homes of Haitians around the town of Pignon.  Haiti Outreach collaborates with local people to make projects sustainable and accountable.   Providing accessible water has helped to stimulate economic development, freeing women and children, as well as men, from the burden of securing water from long distances each day.  Technology such as GPS, smart phone and other devices, have played a huge role in finding water sources.  In 23 years, 470 wells have been dug, serving over 260,000 people.  

For more information, visit