Our mighty but imperiled Mississippi River and how we can save it
Sep 28, 2022 12:00 PM
Whitney Clark - ED, Friends of the Mississippi
Our mighty but imperiled Mississippi River and how we can save it

Whitney Clark, Executive Director - Friends of the Mississippi River

For more than 35 years Whitney has worked to improve Minnesota's environment as a staff member for several environmental organizations. During his 25-year tenure as executive director, he has led FMR's growth from a start-up group with one full-time employee to one of Minnesota's largest and most effective conservation organizations with a staff of 22. Whitney ha s extensive experience in environmental policy, lobbying, advocacy and education campaigns and partnership building around environmental and social justice issues. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Multidisciplinary Studies from the University of Minnesota. In 2017 Whitney was honored to receive the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits Transformational Leader Award which recognizes an experienced nonprofit leader who has demonstrated success working across boundaries to develop transformational solutions.

The Mississippi River is one of the great rivers of the world and a complex ecosystem of global significance. It's also our hometown river and the heart of cultural landscape that has, for generations, held great meaning for residents of this place from many cultures. Thanks to dedicated advocates, in recent decades the river is healthier and better appreciated but numerous threats remain. Climate change, habitat loss, pollution from agricultural and urban sources and redevelopment that threatens the public values of the river are major challenges. Learn how Friends of the Mississippi River works with public and private partnerships and thousands of volunteers, members, and advocates (aka River Guardians) to meet these challenges head on. 



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