Protecting Human Rights in a Turbulent Time
Jul 12, 2017
Barbara Frey, Director, Human Rights Pgm, U of MN
Protecting Human Rights in a Turbulent Time

Barbara A. Frey, J.D., is a Senior Lecturer in the Institute for Global Studies at the University of Minnesota and Director of the Human Rights Program, where she oversees interdisciplinary teaching, research and programmatic activities for undergraduates, graduate students and professional students.  Frey is Director of Graduate Studies for the Master of Human Rights degree and the Graduate Minor in Human Rights. Frey engages in a broad range of public activities in the human rights field. Frey’s current research work examines representations of enforced disappearances in Mexico,by the government, media and nongovernmental organizations.  Prior to her work at the University of Minnesota, Frey co-founded several important human rights institutions, including the Minnesota Advocates for Human Rights --where she served as Executive Director (1985-97); the Center for Victims of Torture; and the Midwest Coalition for Human Rights.

Barbara will address the question: How is the basic legal and institutional framework designed to protect international human rights holding up in a time of shifting global alliances and threats?


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