Rotary teams up with The Salvation Army and Toys for Tots

Rick Oncken, Ryan Boyd and Victoria Emmons spent hours last week helping to sort and distribute toys at The Salvation Army. Rotarians and other volunteers received wish lists from families in need and then "shopped" through the mountains of toys donated through Toys for Tots, deciding which toys should be placed in a red Santa's bag for each family's children. Kids asked for everything from "Frozen" dolls to Paw Patrol toys. One nine-year-old asked for everything basketball, so his bag was filled with a basketball book, a basketball hoop, a basketball game and a real basketball to play with. A pre-teen girl requested art supplies, which were available in varying sizes. The idea was to make every kid happy. Back-breaking work, but it felt good to be Elves for Santa.
Pictured above: (l.) Ryan is surrounded by the many toys available for the children. (r.) Rick is holding a “Frozen” character doll and a “Frozen” book called Anna’s Best Friends