Update on Global Coalition Projects
Mark Rohweder shares an update (see letter below) on our club’s involvement with the Global Coalition. Rotary Club of Missoula is one of a dozen Rotary clubs in Montana that have joined together to develop sustainable water projects in communities in Guatemala. Your annual dues help support these worthwhile endeavors, made even more vital to these poor communities with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Without clean water, it is difficult for people to sanitize hands. Our club is proud to be in our third year of supporting this international community development and education project under the guidance of our International Director Jim Hutcheson.
Dear La Vega Supporters,

We have started to receive individual club donations commitment to the La Vega Water Project. We had our project kick-off meeting with our partners in Guatemala earlier this month. We'll continue to have regular Zoom meetings with our partners. Our team is currently working with the District 5390 treasurer and the treasurer of the RC of Mazatenango to transfer money to get the project started. The first task will be to finalize the environmental assessment and obtain the final two permits.
The Project:
The Rotary Club of Kalispell and Partners have formed the Sustainable Global Coalition which is currently working on three projects, including the La Vega water project. We have assembled a highly capable and comprehensive team to design and implement sustainable projects in Guatemala.To implement a successful project, our Sustainable Global Coalition of Rotary Clubs has built strong partnerships with the community of La Vega, the Rotary Club of Mazatenango, Fundazucar (https://www.azucar.com.gt/fundazucar/) and Engineers without Borders to secure a safe and reliable source of drinking water for over 1,300 people. This project will be assisted through Rotary Global Grants, donors and in-kind contributions from the communities in the form of local labor, local funding, and local leadership.  
The Benefit:
This project will secure a safe and reliable water source for 1,340 adults and children. Currently, residents of La Vega rely on individual shallow wells that are generally 30 feet (9.1 m) deep. Homes in the community use individual pit toilets. Therefore, most wells are contaminated. By providing clean and accessible water, this project will assist this community to grow and sustain a healthy environment. Together, we can change lives for the better.

If you have any question, please call or email me. I'll provide another update in January. Thank you for your support.

Happy Holidays,

Mark Rohweder, PE, PMP
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