Speaker Date Topic
Rob Saldin, UM professor Jan 24, 2018
American Democracy and Citizenship

Rob Saldin, professor of Political Science and Director of the Project on American Democracy and Citizenship, University of Montana

District 5390 Governor Joe McBride Jan 31, 2018
Rotary in Action
Rotary in Action

Meet Joe McBride

You may be wondering, “Who is Joe McBride, our District Governor for 2017-2018?” Joe was born in Butte, Montana on February 28th, 1942. He graduated from Butte Central in 1960, and received a BA from the University of Notre Dame in 1964.

After college, Joe was a salesman for small chemical firm in Chicago from 1965 to 1971. He then became an Investment Consultant and worked 39 years for company that changed names several times eventually merging with the Royal Bank of Canada--a Canadian flag has an honored place in his office. Joe wore two hats for twenty years in Rochester, MN - manager and investment consultant.

Joe has been married to Libby for twenty-five years. They met on a blind date. According to Joe, “I was dazzled!” The have two sons. “Dr. Joe,” his wife Mary and daughter Molly (13) live in Omaha. Scott, his wife Katarinna, and sons Brady (11) and Henry (9) live in Chicago.

Joe and Libby moved back to Butte six years ago to help raise money for Butte Central and continue his passion for Rotary. Rotary experience includes hosting three ex-change students, Agnes from Indonesia, Priya from India and Chris from South Africa. He has served as International Chair, Club President and Assistant Governor.

Joe has set his goals for his year as District Governor. These are:

To help each club to be the best they can be- to help provide any needs each club wants.

To strengthen all that we do for students and encourage RYLA, Interact and Roteract membership and programs.

To introduce a new program called STRIVE - a mentoring program for students who have faced academic challenges.

In addition he has a few other ideas which he will discuss later. Joe says, “Look for my monthly column ‘Joe Bear’s Broadcasts’ starting in July. I am looking forward to a riveting Rotary year. Thanks to all of you for all you do. Please email me or call me at (406)498-6239 with any ideas or suggestions.”