WELCOME to Missoula Rotaract members
Rotaract of Missoula is back! Young professionals in our community have joined together to do good in the world, embrace the Rotary motto of Service Above Self, and have fun together while doing so. Join them! Check out Rotaract activities on Rotaract of Missoula’s FaceBook and Instagram pages. Like us! Then join the crowd for weekly fun and fellowship. Meet new friends. Make a difference in the community. Make a difference in the world.
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Welcome to the Rotary Club of Missoula. For membership inquiries, contact Director of Membership Dan Buchta at MissoulaRotaryMembership@gmail.com  or any Board Member. Thank you for your interest in Rotary Club of Missoula.


International Theme: Rotary Connects the World

1st three Wednesdays of the month, our club meets at the Florence Bldg., 2nd Floor Ballroom, 111 N. Higgins, Missoula, MT. Fourth Wednesdays, we meet at the Missoula Country Club for fellowship, no-host lunch.
Governor's Room, Florence Building
111 N. Higgins Ave.
P.O. Box 9290
Missoula, MT 59807
United States of America
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Club News
Missoula Rotary Club member Kathy Schulte joined other Rotarians from around Montana at a clean-up effort at Benton Avenue Cemetery in Helena. The project was part of the Rotary District 5390 Conference held May 3-5, 2019.
Club Stories
Rotary Youth Exchange student Antonio, left, from Italy studied in the Missoula area for the past year, sponsored by the Rotary Club of Missoula. Exchanges such as this one help promote world peace...one person at a time.
Rotary Fellowship January 29: member benefit
Rotary members and their guests will gather twice for no-host fellowship in late January. In lieu of a regular meeting with a speaker, members and guests will gather at noon on Wednesday, January 29, for an informal lunch at Missoula Country Club. The gathering of Rotary friends allows members and their guests to mix and mingle, and to catch up on what’s happening in their careers and their lives.
For those who prefer an evening get-together, Rotary members and guests are invited to meet for fellowship and brew tasting at 5:30 pm at Conflux Brewing Company, 210 North Pattee Street, in downtown Missoula. Rotarians are welcome to stay for dinner if schedules permit. Or just enjoy a brew and some quality time with friends. 
Local CPA educates members about changes in the SECURE Act
Welcome handshakes at the door always make Rotary members and guests feel at home. Board members Wayne Hiett and Dean Fiedler greeted us on January 15.
After President Martha Ripley rang the bell to start the meeting, Wayne began the Pledge of Allegiance for everyone to dutifully follow along and Dean offered an excellent inspiration from Martin Luther King, Jr., in honor of the day named for him.
Peter Edwards kept us all singing tunes we remember from our youth as he played a medley of Beatles songs, including the favorite “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.” Peter explained the acronym does not refer to LSD, as so many conjectured. Rather, he says, the name of the song was taken from a crayon drawing done by John’s son.
Guests/Visiting Rotarians
Ryan introduced guests, including Larry Kelp with the Veterans Corps Missoula, a guest of Kurt Ingold; Patty Schulte, guest of Kathy Schulte; Jeanne Jenkins, a guest of Dolores Bandow and who served on the board with Dolores years ago.
Mike Schauf did the honors as auctioneer to raise funds for our Avenues of Service projects. Thanks to the Rotary Club of Polson, our club was able to auction a lovely basket of Mexican-themed goods, a “pay it forward” gift from the Polson Club. District Governor Sandy Wong began the “pay-it-forward” project as a way for clubs around the district to connect through sharing. Rotary Clubs send a gift to the next club the DG is visiting and that club can auction it for its own service projects. DG Sandy says that clubs have passed along a variety of gifts that are meaningful to their home club, including tickets to sporting events, stays in local hotels, local brewery specialities, gardening tools, and more. The Polson Club’s basket included two bottles of Cuervo, margarita mix, glasses and other items for having a marvelous Cinco de Mayo celebration. Wayne Hiett and Bob Minto shared the winning bid of $100.
Otto Koester announced that the Mansfield Center is seeking hosts for visitors from other countries as part of the UM’s agreement with the U.S. State Department. Anyone interested in serving as host for a weekend or up to three weeks, let Otto know. There are visitors from various countries, some here for only a short visit and others for a lengthier one.  
Membership Chair Dan Buchta encouraged members to invite more guests to our club meetings. That is one way to introduce Rotary to potential new members and share our mission.
President Martha announced that we will hold a meeting on January 22. Marcia Hogan will be next week’s speaker. She said that we will also meet the next conductor candidate for the Missoula Symphony at next week’s meeting.
Kurt Ingold introduced speaker Nicole Reicker, CPA, M.Tax, who manages the local office of CPAs JCCS. Nicole said she raises chickens, too, and could talk lots about them, if anyone was interested.
Nicole offered an update on new federal tax legislation passed December 2019 called the SECURE Act. The legislation has implications for tax and retirement planning. The acronym stands for “setting every community up for retirement enhancements.”
Highlights from the legislation include;
  • IRA deposit age limit has been removed. Previously, one could not make contributions with earned income the year in which one turns 70.5 years of age. That is no longer the case. One still must have earned income and, Nicole says, it is good to double check if thinking about QCD.
  • IRA RMD age rule increased from 70.5 to 72 years old.
  • Inherited IRA changes — non-spouse now limited to 10-year withdrawal period. Does not apply to spouse or minor children, disabled or chronically ill beneficiaries, or someone less than ten years younger than the deceased.
  • New exception for IRA early withdrawal penalty. Penalty exemption of $5,000 if within one year of birth or legal adoption finalization. Applies to IRAs and Qualified Defined Contribution Plans. Amounts may be redeposited without penalty within one year. Both parents may use, so potentially $10,000. 
  • Taxable stipends and fellowships qualify for IRA.
  • Changes to workplace retirement. Longterm, part-time workers can join 401(k) plans. Tax credits for small business starting a retirement plan. Auto enrollment cap increased to 15%. Allows lifetime income investment to be distributed from your workplace retirement plan. Increases transparency into retirement income with “lifetime income disclosure statements.”
  • Qualified tuition programs (Section 529 Plans). Can now pay for student loans.
  • Apprenticeship programs also qualified. Programs must be registered with the Department of Labor. There is an apprenticeship program in accounting at Missoula College.
  • Increase late fee for failure to file partnership and S-corporation. Now $400 per partner per month if extension has not been filed. There is a small partnership exception, but the company must be otherwise compliant.
  • New rules — back to the old rules. An amendment to the 2018 and 2019 tax rules. Kids are now subject to single rate or parents rate, applies when unearned income exceeds $1,100.
  • SECURE Act extenders: Extended retroactively – 12/31/2020.
    • Personal Residence debt discharged exclusion
    • Mortgage insurance premiums allowed as mortgage interest
    • Medical expense floor goes back to 7.5% (from 10%)
    • Tuition deduction
    • Racehorses as 3-year life assets
    • Indian employment credit and accelerated dep.
    • Expensing of film/TV/theatrical productions
    • Alternative fuel refueling property credit
    • 2-wheel plug-in electric vehicle credit
    • Energy efficient new home credit
    • New markets credit
    • Employer credit for family leave
    • Work opportunity credit
  • Who knew? Nicole explained that the new tax law also increased the legal smoking age to 21.
  • State and local tax deduction is still limited to $10,000.
Nicole reminded everyone to check their W-4 forms carefully this year as so many items have changed.
President Martha awarded Nicole a “million-dollar” chocolate bar and thanked her for her presentation. A book will also be donated to a local middle school in Nicole’s name.
The meeting was adjourned.
July 23, 2019
Dear Rotary Club members,
I am writing to thank you for the $500 scholarship you awarded to me. I attended a meeting in June and was able to meet all of you and thank you in person. It was interesting to learn about your organization and to meet many of you in person. I am honored to receive this scholarship from you.
In less than a month I will leave for Havre and MSU-Northern. I will use the scholarship to help pay for tuition and the tools I need. Thank you for supporting me as I work toward a college degree.
Jack Wolgamot
Miss Montana’s historic flight topic for this week’s speaker at Rotary Club meeting
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