Rotary is about fellowship and networking with a variety of business people in Missoula.  We'd love to have you join us for lunch.

The Rotary Club of Missoula meets Wednesdays at the Missoula Country Club, 3850 Old US 93, Missoula, MT 59804
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Welcome to Rotary Club of Missoula. Join us for lunch! For membership inquiries, contact Royce Engstrom,   Thank you!


Rotary Connects the World 

We meet In Person & Online
Wednesdays at 11:45 AM
Missoula Country Club
3850 Old U.S. Highway 93 S.
Missoula, MT 59804
United States of America
Our club offers meetings in person and also via Zoom. We meet weekly at Missoula Country Club, usually with live music and a guest speaker The last Wednesday each month is a fellowship gathering. Parking is free and easily accessible.
Greetings Rotarians!

With Royce out of the country in Guatemala, helping with our Montana Rotary Coalition project, I'm filling in with a letter from the Editor.  Greetings from Sunny Miramar Beach, Florida.  With the President and Immediate Past President out of town, we're in the good hands of President Elect Rick Oncken this week, he's done such a great job filling in for Royce the last two times, I can't wait to see what he does in his year as president, in just over 6 months from now.  In the first few months of 2023 we'll be forming our annual Nominating Committee, to help select the President Elect Nominee for the year following Rick & our new board members, so stay tuned for that announcement. I look forward to seeing you all at the Holiday Party! 
-Dean Fiedler
Immediate Past President


Rotaract & Rotary Members Speak at Alpha Phi

Last week our Club President Royce Engstrom along with Area Governor Victora Emmons accompanied Rotaract President Austin Parson to a speaking engagement at the Alpha Phi Sorority house in Missoula.  These Rotarians all spoke about different aspects of Rotary and Rotaract, to a large group of young women.  Our Missoula Rotaract President, Austin, noted that it was this was the largest group he had spoken in front of publicly.  We hope these young women will take interest in Rotaract & Rotary and perhaps participate with our club in an upcoming fundraiser or service project.  Thank you, Austin, Royce & Victoria for making these connections on campus. 

Fellowship at Bayern Brewery

This past Thursday, several members of our club met at Bayern Brewery with several members of the Missoula Sunrise Rotary, for beers, German food and good times.  Regrettably, the only picture that was taken by our club's bulletin editor (and Immediate Past President) was of his own pint...  It was, however, a great time for all who attended.  A wise, and legally minded, member of the fellowship committee once commented on the lack of fellowship pictures as, "there is no incriminating evidence."    Well, he may be correct, but do not let the lack of photos of our good times deter you from coming to the next fellowship outing.  Andrew and Dean have selected Western Cider on November 10th, we will again be joined by Missoula Sunrise.   We hope to see you there!

La Vega Update 10/26/22

In September, a Rotarian water engineer from Mexico conducted an on-site review of the La Vega water system project on behalf of the Rotary Foundation.  He met individually with representatives from the Rotary clubs involved – including RC Kalispell and RC Mazatenango, as well as with the contractor, and the La Vega community governing body. He inspected the well, pump house installation, and tank construction materials.  A few issues were identified and potential solutions discussed. Since his visit, some changes have been implemented. His independent review report was submitted to the Rotary Foundation. Overall the visit was quite beneficial to all involved.
The construction of the water storage tank is ongoing with anticipated completion by the end of November. Our team is currently soliciting quotes for the last few construction tasks: water distribution lines, power, and disinfection. The goal is to have all quotes in hand in November. If all goes as planned, water should be flowing to homes in March 2023 with a celebration planned in early April. As we get closer to completion, I provide more details on the celebration and how you can join the event.
Here are some recent photos:
Well in the forefront and the foundation of the water tank behind the well. In the corners of the concrete foundation are steel plates where the supports will be attached. The water storage tank will sit approximately 18 meter above the ground.
Site visit with the water engineer reviewing the construction of the frames that will support the elevated 90 cubic meter water storage tank. Modifications to the support were made to ensure the tank will withstand an earthquake.
Top of the water storage tank and the tank support frame.
Guatemala is entering the dry season which will aid in the installation of the distribution lines and meters to the homes and businesses. Additional health and hygiene training is scheduled for January 2023. Thank you for your continued support of this project. After 8 years since our team began talking with the community of La Vega about their desire for safe drinking water, the goal is almost met!
-Mark Rohweder of the Rotary Club of Kalispell
Greetings, District 5390!
I am calling on all Montana Rotarians to unite with me, Lindsey, and our District leadership team for a major win for Montana.
We have an amazing opportunity to add $20,000 to our District Grants Fund for my year as Governor.  We just need to raise $10,000 for Lucy Smith's WooHoomanity Campaign and she will guarantee a $10,000 matching donation!
Reaching that goal only takes an average of $250 per Montana Rotary Club!
Please, please, please talk to your Rotary Club board, your membership, your local businesses.  Please give whatever you can as a Club or individually, it all helps!  Lindsey and I really want to see all of your grant projects funded and this additional $20,000 will almost double our budget for giving. 
It has been one of the highlights of my Rotary journey to serve as your Governor, now let's band together for one another, for Montana Rotary, and for our communities.  Together, we can make this happen! 
Click here to read more and to DONATE: 
Keep smiling, 
Barrie and Lindsey 

Some sad news today, as we learned that Don Lewis, Electronic Music Pioneer & Long time Rotarian passed away last week at age 81.  You may remember Don visited our club back in November of 2019 & performed for us at lunch.  Don also performed for an End Polio Now Fundraiser for our club - Rotary Night at the Movies, which showcased "The Ballad of Don Lewis" a biopic on Don's career in entertainment. The documentary is scheduled to air on PBS in February.  May your music last forever Don.

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