Is it the Truth?
Yes, the virus is a serious threat to our health and well-being. Particularly to those of us over 60 or with an underlying vulnerability in our lungs or heart. Our immune systems typically weaken a bit as we age. Heart problems are heart problems and sensitive to stress, our lungs and respiratory system are the virus' target. It's best that we do not expose anyone to the virus, though most people deal with it well and fully recover, some do not. We will limit our risk by not assembling for awhile.
Our next scheduled Board meeting is 4/20. We will revisit the issue then, if nothing significant changes in the meantime. The Hilton will not be charging us for our meals for at least 4 weeks. We will continue to work with them as the situation develops. They have been proactive and positive. 
We will be billing as usual for dues. We are still Rotarians and the club still has to pay them Internationally, etc. We will not be billing for meals until/unless the situation changes.  Our reserves are good, and we are financially sound.
We are Rotarians. We are good, and we are strong. We will adapt as necessary. This is a difficulty, not a disaster. Be smart, be careful, be safe...and follow the 4-way test.
A proud Rotarian,
Joe Carbonari, President
Rotary Club of Kalispell