to Rotary Club of Kalispell
Hello…it occurred to me that a word from the president was probably in order. Pam and I are healthy and well fed. We have heard of no health issues among membership. If same come up, please let Pat Hulla know as appropriate. We’ll review our meeting situation as the virus infection spreads…and remember, the virus has no, feet, no wings, no brain. It spreads because we humans spread it.

Just saying…social distancing is not fun… but it makes sense.

I think that it also makes sense that we protect the institutional knowledge represented by those of us “of age”.  Continuity counts. In the decision as to when to “go out”, to congregate, to work towards making a living, please give a thought not just to ”Self”, but also to “Others”.

Above all, in a time of uncertainty and disarray, look more closely for the Truth. Rationality requires it.  Service to self disguises it. This is a time to turn choose wisely from whom we take guidance.

That leads me to give a special thanks to Lucy Smith, Frank Garner, Cherilyn DeVries, Pat Hulla, Kelly Bilau, Pam Carbonari and any others who were responsible for the Flathead Food Bank video and the extraordinarily generous challenge from Lucy Smith to match her $10,000 gift offer. In our community’s time of need, we Rotarians can set an example. It is our mission to encourage the generosity of others.

May the Spirit be with you.
Joe Carbonari 
President-Rotary Club of Kalispell