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We are so fortunate to have the District's fundraiser banquet in our area this year. Here are the details. The Flathead Team of Rotary members from various clubs have put together a great evening - book now!
Denim & Diamonds – 6-9pm Saturday, October 13 at Cedar Creek Lodge, Columbia Falls
Come party with us - Rotary style! Music, food, fellowship, and fundraising games with great prizes -- all to support doing good at home and around the world!  Rotary Ring Toss, 4-way Test Challenge, Breaking Down Barriers Ballgame, Diamond in the Rough Hunt, Silent Auction and more!  Reserve now at
Rotary Basketball is the principal entry-level basketball program in the Flathead Valley. We anticipate between 800 and 1,000 youngsters will participate in the program this year. Please visit our Kalispell Rotary Basketball Website for more information or to register online. 
The cost is shown below. Every child receives a shirt, coaches, gyms, good instruction, good company, good sportsmanship, and at least six weeks of basketball.
Girls’ Season Dates and Information
Early Registration (on or before 9/07/2018): $40.00 per child
Regular Registration (after 9/07/2018): $45.00 per child
AFTER 9/14/2018 NO Registrations will be accepted unless space on a team exists and then placement will occur on an as needed basis only.
Children will be contacted by their coach before their first week of practice, the week of September 24th. The games will begin on Thursday October 4th for 6th grade teams and Saturday, October 6th for all grade levels.
The Great Bear Festival was better than ever this year with tremendous community involvement. Our title sponsor is Toyota, and their support made it even bigger and better this year. We had more vendors and great music from the New Wave Time Tripper and Comatose Posse. Super food, the best volunteers and beverages made the day...stay tuned for next year's date.
Many thanks to all who supported by attending and to our many sponsors.
Dear Coalition members,
It is my pleasure to provide an update on our international work.  Please share this information with your clubs and we will try to make in-person visits as soon as possible.  Having just returned from Central America and met with our partners, the information I'm providing is both current and accurate.  I have several issues to address and will address these individually, but I would first like to thank all those who took the time out of their busy lives, and money out of their bank accounts, to make the trip.  From Kalispell Noon, Mitch and Tirzah McKinley, from Kalispell Daybreak, Terri Smiley, From Kootenai Valley Mick and Lorna Shea, George and Linda Gerard, and Eileen Carney.  We were joined in Belize by Gerardo Diaz and Gustavo Morales from the Mazatenango club.  George, Linda, Eileen and Terri also travelled from Belize to Guatemala where we visited the projects and met with the community leaders.
El Progresso:  This project was approved at the end of November and we are in the process of completing the financial requirements.
        1) Our Guatemala contact person lost a close family member in a traffic accident and was involved with family responsibilities through December.  We got the appropriate bank information early in January, and after fits and starts with the Guatemala banking system we were recently able to make the transfer of funds from the Coalition account.  Thanks Mike Mayott for his help with this.  We elected NOT to use TRF as our banker  as this saved us about $800.00.
        2) We are currently going through this process with the EWB funds.  This $5,000 transfer has been approved and is currently scheduled for the end of February.  Once this funding is in place we submit a copy of the bank statement to TRF and they will forward their share of the monies.  We can then begin the project.
        3)  We met with the El Progresso community and formally initiated the project.  Osmundo Ponce is the Mazatenango club's representative on this project and has done an excellent job of organizing the community committees as per Rotary requirements and insuring female representation.
        4)  Needless to say this was an emotional meeting and the excitement in the community was palpable.  The well site has been selected and the location of the holding tank is being decided.
Pasac:  The engineering on this project has been completed and the grant writing will commence just as soon as we receive some additional information from the community.  The community recently elected a new council and they will be seated on March 1.  We thought it best to wait until then to begin so we would be working with  the same people throughout the process.  We did not go to Pasac, but they sent a representative to Mazatenango to meet with us.
        1)  I explained the new grant requirements with respect to both hygiene and administrative training.  I did a much better job of explaining these requirements this time and presented them in a positive way.  I think they were well received and understood, but this was just an overview.  Much more work needs to be done as we move through the grant writing process.
        2)  We talked about the requirement for the community to provide the non-skilled labor for construction a well as their responsibility for managing the system when we leave.  One issue we discussed in depth was the need to develop a fee system that will set aside monies for future upgrades.  This is a little touchy since the residents have been getting their water for free.
        3)  This will be a spring-fed system with piping through challenging terrain.  The spring is several kilometers from the village and there is danger of slides during the rainy season.
        4)  We discussed the possibility of including a small additional reservoir which could use excess water to wash the coffee beans as there is a coffee collective in Pasac.
La Vega:  This is the third project and we are currently in the investigation stage on this one.  Much of the preliminary work has been completed.  Extensive planning has been done by engineers from Fundazucar, a foundation of the sugar industry, and Engineers Without Borders in Guatemala has had some involvement.  The required hydrogeological survey has also been completed.
Belize:  We do not have the funding for the La Vega, a project that will eventually include not only a water system but also a waste water system.  We are currently examining the water part of the project with an estimated cost of over $250,000.  Obviously, we don't have this kind of money so we attended a project fair in Belize to see if we could generate some interest and support.  I am cautiously optimistic.  I believe the potential donor clubs were impressed with the project, our experience in the area, and our understanding of the Global Grants process.  We have a track record of success.  We now need to obtain more accurate budget information and follow-up with the leads we received.  Our project was the only one that had both the host club and the international partners in attendance.
Kootenai Valley Rotary, Libby
President Lucy is spending the week in Chacala to check on our projects there and assist with Leadership Training. She sent us this greeting:
Buenos dias from Chacala and a week full of Rotary-assisted service projects!
I didn’t know my timing was so perfect when I decided to come help with Leadership Training. 
My first 2 days were 12-14 hours daily for the Leadership Training; yesterday was post-training evaluation and hosting the trainers on their last day; last night we (Karla Lawler and I) helped with the opening for Chacala Cultural Foundation’s artist residency week that will send artists into the schools and community; today is the annual fundraiser for Cambiando Vidas, a major event from 4-9pm; and tomorrow our La Penita Rotary partners and I present/report to the Rotary membership on Leadership Training.   Also on the schedule, BK and his latest ideas for Rotary school support.
Vicki from Los Amigos de la Penita sends her love and very best wishes to Rita and Dr. Jack! She is in school, working hard at her studies in Communications.
I will have lots of pictures and greetings from many more Chacala / La Penita friends to share with you.  Now back to helping amazing Ms. Karla with tonight’s logistics.

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